Youth movies – Azhiyadha Kolangal (#atozapril 2013 challenge)

When i saw Youth movies with Tossing it out’s explanation that these are movies about being young /coming out of age,  I knew Y is still an easy bet for AtoZ challenge.

My first thought is Azhiyadha Kolangal  –  It is a 1979 movie in Tamil regional language and directed by one of those intelligent directors, Balu Mahendra.  It had leading actors in the main roles, though the movie focussed on the life of three teenage boys and their adolescent days –  their first love, witnessing a death, emotional excitements, small village..etc.

I still remember the day i forced myself with my father and his friends to watch this movie.   It was a rainy afternoon, where we had to take up the strong showers, get wet and still made sure that the movie was watched.


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  1. Re-watching films can bring back such powerful memories. Despite going to film school, we don’t watch that many, my husband and I, not at the cinema, anyway. We wait till they are on video, and probably miss out on a lot of atmosphere! Congrats on almost getting to the end of the A-Z!

    • Liz – Thanks for your wishes. Indeed true, movies are such a nostalgic experience. I can completely agree with you. While I went through a technical education at school, considering my focus is on PEOPLE, i feel films are such a wonderful way to observe and understand and apprecaite the human behavior and the many factors affecting it – gender, race, nationality, culture, family, friends, etc…

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