While Bangalore obviously is the name of a city, the reason I list it in #AtoZ Challenge is obvious  –  It is  my home for more than two decades now and is one city which always makes you feel  BELONGED…whatever be your nationality, religion, caste, creed, gender, age……honestly, i would say, this is one city which exhibits the most INCLUSIVE character cossetting everyone who decides to make it their home even for a day!!

There are zillion reasons on why BANGALORE IS AWESOME  –   For me, Bangalore played a big role in what I am today and these are the top ones of my list

  • Inclusivity
  • IT industry
  • Culture
  • Weather
  • Masala Dosa
  • Walking trails
  • Style quotient /Cool image

And if you have few minutes, here are some flavored videos …. call it the cool Bangalore!!

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  1. I love the “We Love Bangalore” video – that is awesome. And Masala Dosa is a compelling reason to love any city!

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