When you think of someone who belonged to the general masses and rose to become the princess of Wales  –  we know we are talking about DIANA   – She is for alphabet D in #AtoZ challenge.

When you think of Diana’s story, there is always that romantic feel to this story   –  the feeling you get when you watch a nice fairy tale which ends beautifully with the honest princess getting to marry her right prince!

Just that Diana’s story did have a twisted ending later –  nevertheless, there is no second thoughts about Diana being a princess and living the dream of millions  –  she was lauded for many things including her simplicity, her beauty, her dressing sense and her ‘down-to-earth’ approach even after being the princess of Wales.  I always wondered how challenging it would had been for her to make this transformation from a normal girl to the princess and then become the most wanted person by the paparazzi!  She lived a dream!  God bless her soul!

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