Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale is one of the women who made a strong impression within me during my school days –  she is for alphabet F in #atozchallenge.

Without doubt, the quixotic nature of contributing to the well being of the wounded war soldiers will draw the attention of any little girl across cultures.  This explains on why after so many decades, her name pops up in my mind when I think of a person with name starting with alphabet “F”.  You can read about her life in Wikipedia here –  Florence Nightingale

As a generation, we had the advantage of schools preaching the importance of empathy and helping people-in-need  –  In downloadmy school, there was a dedicated one hour class time for MORAL STUDIES.  At that time,we thought of it as a class where the teacher tells stories of quixotic nature.  And incidentally these stories exposed me to a world outside the quiet convent classroom.  Looking back, it dawns on me that these one hour MORAL STUDIES class was indeed accentuating the core values which was taught and practiced at my humble home.  It also establishes the fact that value system based of humanity transcends the boundaries of geography, culture, religion, caste.  Empathy and support-to-the-needy was established at my Hindu orthodox family home in a small town at the south of India with the same vigor as how it was established at a large western Christian household at Europe for Florence Nightingale.  Probably that was the piece which influenced me as a child when I heard her story at the MORAL STUIDES class.  Now years away, I fondly remember her as  “Lady with the Lamp”.


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  1. Enjoyed my visit from the A to Z challenge. One of my favorite things about the challenge is peaking into individual lives in different cultures. I thank you for my peak today. Maria

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