Teresa, Mother Teresa  is for T of atozchallenge

When  I was at middle school, the non-detailed studies were mandated as part of English language courses –  looking back, i realize how it helped me a lot to get a glimpse of wide world than I could imagine  –  Mother Teresa’s stories was one of the non-detailed study as part of my curriculum in middle school  –  while there is no real grades attached to non-detailed studies, my dad was encouraging us to read them during the summer vacation even before the school started.   In the era of no internet,  books were the best bet to entertain us during vacations.

imagesThat is how i read about Mother Teresa and then started dreaming that I may also get enlightened one day like her if i continue to do the good deeds she recommends –  ok, that is a cliche!! but that is what i thought when I was in middle school –  I was obsessing on being a good soul and  fancying secretly the greatness of being a christian missionary nun  –  I anyways already had a great impression about the christian nuns in their pure white habits  –  this is  a result of going to a Christian convent for my junior school.  Ofcourse, later when i read more about multiple religions, this fancy fad faded when I realized every religion is a framework  with its own styles helping the humanity to attain the final goal of self realization!

So, here goes my memory on  one of the greatest soul who was of an Albanian descendant but made a sea change to the people of India and then the world.  More about Mother in the below links

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