The Rustle of Silence

When I chose to read this book labeled as romance thriller, I was unsure…

  • I liked only the clean romance –“that old emotional stuff in which the good prevails over evil and everyone lives happily ever after”. I had been a typical teenager growing up reading the Mills&Boon of MY times – where the Dukes, millionaires, and cowboys were the popular theme!   Over the years, I slowly stopped reading Mills &Boon, becoz it was more on the physical realm of romance than the clean nice romance   –  ok, I am getting old!!… 
  • I like reading hard copy of books…one more proof that I belong to previous gen!
  • For the last few years, I have been totally into non fiction or fiction weaved with mythical and historical topics…….it is an open and shut case that I am old!!   J

The Rustle of Silence was all the three – current times romance thriller, kindle soft book and a fiction!!

Lo and behold! I completed the book in two sittings!!  –  That says it all!!!51kocwzail-_ss300_

I was impressed by the way the thriller was built. The super suspense plot, the wonderful flow of language, the nice descriptions of the locations and the characters –   it literally brought the visuals into the eyes so easily.   There was also lot of research details which had gone into the book.

I am happy that I chose to read this book  – Fantastic entertainer!!!


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