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Women forums in IT industry – hype or real?

I have had very interesting conversations with many on the need to start a Women’s Forum  in  IT corporates –  It ranged from “This is a long felt need”  to   “why only Women’s initiative – why not Men’s initiative? call it gender equality!!!….”

Over the years in IT industry, I hardly saw any situation where women can operate differently because they are women. When we assess someone’s capabilities to fit into IT industry, we look for standard traits –  Zero-defect project deliveries, vast domain knowledge, excellent communication and team management skills, client-facing capabilities ……..  all these are gender-inclusive expectations in our industry.

Research has also proven that women have a higher EQ (Emotional Quotient), which in today’s corporate world is rated higher than IQ – this actually gives women an edge over men in problem solving.  The recent trend analysis also concludes that corporates which have women as part of senior management have done much better than those who do not.

Ideally, with the above two facts, the women workforce in IT industry should be at a minimum of 50%.  In reality, statistics show that women workforce ranges between 25% to 30% and less than 15% of senior management in most global IT companies.

The reason for lesser percentage of women is mostly attributed to women’s extended role in family and childcare – this is true globally. Surveys have concluded that in households where men and women work, women still do twice as much housework and thrice as much childcare.

How do we enable women workforce to sustain their career aspirations while they manage their housework and childcare responsibilities   –   this is the major trigger for many IT corporates to start  corporate programs supporting women –  Ideally, from my perspective, these forums/programs need to

  • enable women workforce with additional skills required to multitask
  • leverage women’s potential for furthering organization goals
  • retain women talent
  • establish the IT corporate as “employer of choice” by women workforce

So, what can women do to with the support from these forums??

  • KNOW YOURSELF – “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” – James Allen.   With understanding themselves, comes the wisdom – with wisdom comes the personal power.
  • DEVELOP SKILLS – Ensure they develop skills which continue to give them the financial independence.  This is very critical – with financial independence comes a lot of responsibility and with responsibility, they grow as an individual
  • BE AWARE AND EMBRACE CHANGE –   Continuously challenge their limits – every archiver (Gender inclusive!) has done this!

We need a whole lot of committed change agents  who can make this change……and be part of the change!!   Till then, the debate on the need for  women’s forum will continue…and probably the cheeky lot will continue to check about the need for men’s forum!!

How to get from Rome to Rio

How to get from Rome to Rio  is an interesting site  –  try it as an alternate for google map and you will see multiple options for the mode of transport and it makes it very interesting……

Whenever I try to track the train track between Bangalore and Chennai in Google Maps, the option does not come up………Rome2Rio gives the train route also!!!

This site is established by a technology startup based out of Melbourne, Australia.  The current version searches worldwide flight schedules, European, North American, Indian and Chinese trains, North American inter-city buses, driving and ferry routes.  The public beta version was launched in April 2011.


Long Service Award

Yeah, it may sound crazy…but it feels like Oscar!   I am referring to the long service award which I got from my employer – 10 years in the same organization is indeed a milestone.

Yes, what is striking is that all these long service awardees have put in the best of their career years into this organization  – this is amazing!! I am sure if any of the long service awardees get their biographies done, this period in our life time will definitely be a focused coverage!.  All have been together, learnt many things, grown, been loyal, dedicated, etc……..

Professionally and personally I have matured a lot in these last 10 years and my organization has a very big role to play in my growth – when i say organization, it goes without saying it is the people who make the organization.

Coming back to the “feeling like Oscar”, it  is ARR’s Oscar award acceptance speech which crosses my mind – the famous quote ‘Ella Pugazhum Irayvanuke (All praise be to God)’  –  probably it is true in my case, but just that for me the God is in the people around me  –  ” my parents – who instilled the value of  life into me,   my spouse and kids – who understand me and relentlessly support  me to handle and balance my work load and personal life, my sibling – who inspires me to face  and live my life, my friends – who shape my thoughts and make me better every day,  my mentors -who put their faith in  my potential  and  give responsibilities which help  me grow professionally, my colleagues –  who bring in those  moments of happiness and belongingness  to keep me going , my team – who actually make it possible for me to deliver the expectations  –  so, it is people, people, people………..probably, my note should go like ” Ella Pugazhum Irayvanuke –  Ennai Sutri Manithanai irrukum  Irayvanuke”  (All praise be to God who is in the form of People around me!)

To close, i quote these lines from ttrangarajan -” Happiness is in small things!  Success is in big things”  and  these 10 long years in this organization gave the opportunities for small things and big things!!

God bless!  🙂 🙂 Makes me feel wonderful about this milestone!

Fun@Work – Everlasting four liners!!

It was 12.40 am…. i get a feeling that all the teams at work are lost in galaxy!!…….probably this feeling is the after effect of two consecutive 13-14 hour grueling work days and my hurting throat infection…handling tiring telecons, (mis)communications, egos!!…….

and then suddenly i am gushing to list these four liners….. honestly, at the end of this listing exercise, I felt more positive about work….i could see the fun part of it……..all functions indeed knew what needs to improve(in other functions) for them to perform !!! Probably we are on the right track!!

whoever handles these functions, these four lines last ever…they keep  coming back in different flavors through different media …notice that all functions are 100% dependent on other functions to reach 100% !!   🙂  🙂


  1. Finance has to do better revenue recognition and better reporting
  2. Delivery teams have to keep all projects in GREEN
  3. Resourcing team must provide experienced high end resources with no lead time and forecast
  4. Management must invest more to improve customer relationship


  1. Sales team to have all clean agreements with customer with good rates
  2. Delivery teams must ensure that all timesheets are filled on time to enable timely revenue recognition
  3. Resourcing team need to allocate only cheaper resources so that Gross Margin for all deals will be good
  4. HR team to provide timely inputs for processing on time salary processing


  1. Sales to sell a better estimation
  2. Resourcing team to get capable resources and provide additional non billing resources
  3. Client management should shy away from over committing and handle customer expectation
  4. HR team to give promotions and salaries for all the team members every quarter


  1.  Sales team to provide accurate forecast and enough lead time
  2. Delivery team will accept near fit candidates
  3. All the resource requirement are only for plain vanilla skills (no niche skills which are not available in market)
  4. Management to approve larger bench so that resources are available to allocate in short lead time


  1. Delivery to manage projects well so that they do not stretch people
  2. Sales to get good rates for projects to provide a better salary
  3. Delivery teams to handle resources like HR teams and keep the individuals always motivated to avoid any HR issues
  4. Management to approve new projects and larger budgets to energize all – through various FUN at WORK programs
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