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Time Management

While I hardly stand any preaching off late, this slide share was concise and cool! I am pretty much in sync with most of the tips and felt it is just cool to replicate it as is! Great job by E.Garbugli!

UBUNTU – “I am because we are”

(If your search engine directed you here for  a search of Ubuntu operating system, it is still worth to read this small piece of Ubuntu philosophy!)

A very inspiring piece of information which was shared by one of the senior citizens in our condominium!

An anthropologist proposed a game to children of an African tribe.

The game goes like this  –  He puts a basket of apple near a tree and told the children that who ever reaches the finish line first in the running race will get the entire basket of apples.  When he told them to start running, they all took each others hands and ran together and then sat enjoying the apples together.

Obviously, the curious anthropologist asked “why did you do this? if one of you had ran first, that person could have enjoyed all the apples by himself”.  The children answered as a matter of fact ” Ubuntu, How can one of us be happy when all the others are sad?”.

Ubuntu  –  is the philosophy of African tribes  which can be summed up as I AM BECAUSE WE ARE!!

A very awe inspiring simple philosophy  –  triggers a very interesting debate about BEING HAPPY Vs BEING COMPETITIVE!!!

It always intrigues me to know that how philosophical the African tribes are and how great their sentiments are!

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It is been almost couple of years since I started being conscious of the power of words we use in our communication   –    this specific article  “Small words make a Difference” very nicely brings out the  impact  –  Remember  “BUT”,  “TRY”,  “HOPE TO, WANT TO”,  “SHOULD”, “CAN’T”  are best words to avoid using …..

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My cup of morning tea – for the mind!

Like how we feed our body with food for physiological wellbeing, I strongly believe our mind and psyche needs constant food for psychological wellbeing  –  After a very tiring and long week at work, while the two movies (Love Happens, True Lies)  helped me relax, these two videos below made me ready to face another challenging week at work  –  it is just a total of 10 minutes to watch these two videos below and I know those concepts already –  but then, my psychological wellbeing needed these intakes again (like the cup of tea every morning!!)



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What did you learn in 2011?

It was a long day! The day was packed with meetings and all the eight of us were tired when we sat around  the dinner table …Most of us were just waiting to finish dinner and hit the bed…I always feel when you are expended mentally (brain storming sessions for such long durations do tire you!), you also feel exhausted physically!  The group was quiet and was awaiting the food …..then, suddenly one of the folks said  “till the food arrives….let us share what is one big learning for each of us in 2011”

I was amazed  by what I heard from each one in that group  –   am sure that the tough IT scenario does teach life to us….   though every learning shared sounded very philosophical, each one of us had an experience (which we shared) in 2011 which made us learn …….

Here are the learnings…….

  1. Health is the most critical factor
  2. Nothing matters in the big picture –  what is so critical today may not be even remembered later
  3. there is nothing like right or wrong
  4. Whatever happens, keep the focus and do what your are suppose to do  – things will fall in place (karma yoga!)
  5. Give freedom to your family  and team members –  you will be amazed at the creativity which comes out because of freedom of thought
  6. It is good to do this 100% perfect, but it is better to get them done!
  7. You should take both good and bad with the same state of mind
  8. Life is not a zero sum game  – it is a non-zero sum game (win-win)

What was your learning in 2011?

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Interview with God – short videos I liked

There have been days where a simple  quote OR a short film(video)from wilderness had helped me made my day. I keep  getting these forwarded links from my acquaintances at different times. Very many times,  i had felt a need to remember them – given the fact that my brain is too smart
and does not waste any memory cells to remember what can be stored elsewhere, i decided to put them here and share it with others…….

These are the videos which in  some way or the other had made my day, made me feel better, made me stay  focused…..! I sure want to view them again and again (without taxing my  memory cells!)


I keep seeing this short video again  and again ….it reinforces the fact that “WE CAN” and the  unmeasurable POWER OF LOVE.


Can’t be said better! A good one to  share with the next generation! 🙂

Being Happy!

I very strongly believe that the status of happiness is very important and go extra mile to ensure that I keep company with more positive people and surround myself with positive thoughts  in all my day-to-day activities  –  I even  border around being rude when it comes to avoiding interaction with people with negative thoughts, constant complaining, etc.  While I have been doing this based on my personal preferences, I was very much fascinated that the same concept  –  “happy thoughts helping to get away in difficult situation” –  was very nicely illustrated in the Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling . I am referring to the third book, where the wizard boy hero has to fight the Dementors, the ghost like creatures, who suck the soul (!!) out of living beings and leave them soulless!!  He has to learn a spell to chase them away and for the spell (Expecto Patronum)to be effective, he has to remember the most happiest moments in his life!!……A straight comparison to the negative people/negative thoughts (Dementors) and the happy moments/memories to get rid of them!!

This new year, when RK sent the wish and a request to take time to study happiness and shared this link, I was completely spell bound with this set of videos by  Shawn Anchor  –  Shawn Anchor is in Harvard and the author of “Happiness Advantage” and founder of Good Think Inc.

Take time to go through these three parts of video, you will be happy!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

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