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Smelly Socks!!

Ok, as the title says……it is actually about the smelly socks!  So, if you are one of those who is really particular about all these hygiene stuff, then probably you may want to skip this post!!

If you are still reading, I am 90% sure that you are not the finicky teenage girl and not even the touchy hygiene conscious parent!!  Probably you are one like me, who can find humor even in a smelly socks situation….what say you?

Here is the smelly story!

Living in an apartment complex has its own advantages, especially if you have kids.   My 7-year-old spends more time in the apartment complex’s common play area than at home over all weekends ……the only reason weekdays are spared is because they got to spend time at school!  Sometimes the time in the play area spans to even to the entire day with a lunch break (while entering home for lunch, the first request is ‘can I go back after lunch to play?).   Sometimes there are multiple flying visits to home accompanied by friends  – they are all default thirsty (can we get water, aunty/uncle?) and unbelievably hungry (the packets of biscuits just disappear in minutes!!).

It was  this Saturday evening  –  almost 7.30 pm.  I had been pretty much lazing around the whole day, establishing that I am relaxing  after a week at office  (actually, it was only 3 days at office  –  Wednesday was Republic day and Thursday I was out sick – bitten by the virus around the city!).  The intercom rings…….and it was the 7-year-old from the play area   “I  left my socks with Aniketh.  I got to go to his house and collect it and then come home”.   I was puzzled.

There is a rule on the house  –  considering the apartment complex is too huge with many blocks and multistoried, we always warn the kids to stick to the common play area on the ground floor  – If they have to visit someone’s house, they need their parents permission.  So, I was irritated that the rule was broken “When did you go to Aniketh’s house?  Why did you go?  You never called to say that you are going to their house?  Did you climb all the steps or you went by the elevator?  You come back home now” .  I just cut the call to show my unhappiness that the rule was broken.

In two minutes, the little one is back home  – he removes his shoes and gets in! Apparently, he had been out almost the whole day – from 10 am in the morning. I can imagine how sweaty it will be by 7.30 pm –  and he has worn the socks in the morning!

I shoot the questions again  –   the entire family gathers to see what is going on …..

  • “Why did you go without telling us?”  
  • “No, I did not go to his house.  I was asking if I can go now to get the socks”
  • ” If you did not go to his house, then…….how did the socks go to their house?”
  • “Aniketh took it to his house…..”
  •  “Why will Aniketh take your socks?”
  • ” Oh, when I was playing football, the socks was troubling me (his way of saying that it was sweaty and sticking to his feet)…So, i removed it. Because my khaki trousers did not have a pocket, I gave it to Aniketh for keeping.  He kept it in his trouser pocket and after we finished our game, he forgot and went home”

By this time my teenager could not stop talking at the same time  –  “you gave the dirty socks to him and he kept it in his trouser pocket and took it home?!! Yuk!!”

The little one was completely puzzled….”If  I keep it out, it will get lost.  So, I gave it to him so that  he can keep it safely!! He is my best friend and he will keep it safely”…..

Now, I was trying to control my laughter……..on one side I have the hygiene conscious teenager and the other side is the little one who is blissfully unaware of why we are doubting his best friend’s ability to safe keep his smelly socks!!

Believe me………..MEN(Boys) are from MARS!!!   🙂 🙂 🙂

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