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why so??

I am still unable to kill the urge to understand the reasons on how the ‘so-called’ intelligent super minds fail to differentiate between the simple cases of  “UNCERTAINTY” and “RISK”  –   i am referring to the recent YSR incident.

I read an editorial about how politicians ignore the security cautions and end up paying a heavy price of their own life in addition to political jeopardy  – the list was indeed long –   Kennedy, Rajiv Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto,……….

and it is a mystery  –  what makes them ignore the cautions and get into the uncertainty zone from where they never returned….it is indeed psyching!

YSR also probably fell to the same trap ?  –  was he provided the security inputs about bad weather which he ignored?  did he move into uncertainty zone thinking he is taking a calculated risk?

For ages, business gurus have advocated the criticality to differentiate  uncertainty and risk from  the business perspective   –

Risk  –   a decision taken after careful analysis of data and after estimating the payoff for undertaking the risk

Uncertainty – Lack of information to qualify and quantify a risk, the thrill of considering a uncertain situation as a risk

Business gurus have established that most of the good business men have the capability to quantify risk vs payoff –  is it probably a MUST-HAVE skill for our politicians??


– with the hope that our new age politicians do differentiate “uncertainty” and “risk”!!

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