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21st September

It was my mom who introduced me to the interesting patterns behind numbers………..she used the patterns to remember various stuff…….phone numbers, door number, date of birth, anniversaries…………..she was always on top of these and was a ready reckoner database for the entire family

While i appreciated and understood the technique, i never did pick up that skill till today…..ofcourse, now we have such gadgets which handle    everything for us without remembering anything………..but, i always get impressed on the way sometime the numbers weave into our lives…….

……i wonder about ……….

……how the wedding dates of my brother and mine are on consecutive days, though years apart,

……how  the birthdates of my kids are exactly 6 months apart from each other though of different years,

……the Fibonacci series and their appearances in the biological settings,

……how in my mom’s  family the mother and son are always born under the same star and it came into my family too,

……why always 7 is most commonly occurring number  in my life –  birthday, door number…….

some kind of a coincidences……the recent is 21st September 

Being as lazy as i am, especially when it comes to keeping in touch with friends, i actually have a very limited set of people who can understand my thoughts…….and of those, i just have currently three who are in touch……..and when i discovered that all the three have their birthdates on the same day, 21st September, i indeed was flabbergasted………..

Now , i can never forget 21st September  – ofcourse AMwas indeed upset about Bebu sharing her birth date   🙂 🙂

Have Fun

It has been a very physically taxing week….the proposed root canal treatment preceded by strong antibiotics literally had pulled all my energy down…I was indeed looking forward for the weekend to rejuvenate! I was almost counting the weekdays, which seem to be passing slooooo….wly.  Finally it was Thursday evening and I was relieved that it is just another day for the weekend.

Then comes running the little one with a bright red card in hand…”Look, what it is! It is the birthday party of my friend on Saturday and I have told them I will come as it is holiday for you “……..I was indeed visibly disappointed that one fourth of my much awaited weekend will be gone in this party….considering that even the family outings were very limited the last couple of weeks, I agreed to go and accompany the little one.

It was the birthday evening…though I was still tired, when we reached the venue and saw the other parents and started chatting, I felt better…I laughed a lot and true to the saying “Laughter is the best medicine” , I felt much better than all of the last couple of weeks!  It was a good three hours and while coming back in the car, the little one was on continuous chatter mode – all thrilled about the return gifts, balloons, how many games they played and who did what, etc, etc.  Then suddenly, when the car was getting parked, comes out the advice to me “I think you should celebrate YOUR birthday like this…you should invite Ani’s parents, Arjun’s parents, Anitha aunty,…….(the list goes on and on including all the parents)…May be, we can do it in FUNCITYitself ”

I was amused by this sudden advice.  I was indeed feeling a bit guilty that we could never celebrate the little one’s birthday this time as promised by me.  But irrespective of that, here comes the advice that I have to celebrate MY birthday!!…I was intrigued and asked “my birthday?!!  It is another six months away!! And why should I celebrate my birthday? Only little children like you celebrate their birthday in FUNCITY. I am too old for these FUNCITY birthday parties!”…….bang came the reply without any hesitation….”Just to HAVE FUN!!…You can laugh and talk like today and can be happy!”…

I was moved – it is just not that the little one has noticed that I have had a good time with other parents in the party, but also wishes me to have much more fun!

Though it is too early an age for the little one to even understand on the fact that he has wished good happiness  for the other  person, i was overwhelmed that it came very natural  –  the thought to see the people around you happy!!

Wanting to see others happy …… indeed is a great asset to possess!……..I pray this thought stays with the growing years………..I am sure to see the little one will grow into a wonderful individual in the future!

Have fun!!   🙂   🙂

It’s YOUR birthday!

It was another “full day”  –  school preparations, con calls, reviews, early morning meetings……….It is in the evening when the kids gave the surprise handmade cards it struck that there should have been some plan to prepare a sweet at home  (dining out is ruled out  –  both from timing perspective and swine flu perspective).

“so, any choices for the sweet?”   –   with a glee in the eye, responds the 6-yr old “can we make that noodles payasam?”…………

the preparation is on and it is all ready ……..

everyone is on the dinner table and the “payasam” is served…………suddenly the 6-yr old gets into a contemplating mood……..and says “actually, it is YOUR birthday…..we should prepare what you like”…….

We smile and respond “that’s fine, we all like this sweet”…………this response gives a comfort and with a smile the little one is on with the job !!  🙂

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