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Musical Impressions of the season – Jan 2015

I doubt whether it is anything unique  –   most of us keep experiencing this  –  a song getting suddenly stuck into ourselves and never leaving us for some time.   While i frequently flip around Carnatic music and contemporary regional Tamil movie songs, it is quite some time that i experienced this….  Suddenly, i have three songs stuck in me…

It all started with “Bho Shambo”  –   Dayanad Saraswathi’s impressive creation rendered by Sudha  –  the moment i heard it, i knew i need to hear it again and again and again!…..this is to the extent that i woke up to this song and listened to it through the day and slept over this song …this song was nostalgic –  reminded me of those spiritual moments one experience growing up in the mystic temple town of Shiva – Chidambaram!  And to some extent, the obsession on Shiva and the mystic experiences of the south indian ancient temples stays in me… (is that why i liked Shiva Trilogy of Amish?)

When I thought, i am all done with my song of the month, at an unexpected time of the day, another song jumps into me (i think i asked for it!!!)-  a regional contemporary song from the tamil movie Paiyya-  it still rings inside me even when i write this post – this is again a very unique experience considering i have heard this song in the past and did not give it much of a thought than the nice visuals. Unlike the song of 80s, the current songs are more dominated by the background music than the lyrics and i sure did not listen into the lyrics before. But then, when a song is destined to be getting into you, it somehow gets you at whatever state you are in –  it is like another life incident which you are destined to go through!  ” Better late than never!!”  –  the scripts are from na.muthukumar  –  the way this song got stuck now with a focus on the script is extremely surprising and surreal…

And when i really was all done for this season, jumps the other powerful script of Vairamuthu –  from the Tamil movie Ravanan –  so very pragmatic and honest !

While i really have to wait on whether I will get over these songs sooner, I am not complaining at all!!  I am also 50% through in learning the songs and scripts!!


Life Story Movies – Sri Raghavendra (#atozchallenge 2013)

The word is L and Tossing it out uses Life Story movies for the atozapril challenge 2013.

India is one of the world’s oldest living civilizations  –   many great leaders, philosophers, saints, scientists, mathematicians (Aryabatta gave zero to the world) have been helping the world (beyond India) and making it a better place to live for all of us.  While there are many movies across India depicting the life stories of many, what came to mind as a first movie (I believe that probably is the best movie in my view) is the life story of a Hindu saint Sri Raghavendra who lived in late 1500 and early 1600.   While he is a hindu religious saint, he is also a philosopher (like most of the religious saints across the world) and supported the humanity at large with his supernatural powers –  people believed that he was the reason behind many miracles which helped them!

While Sri Raghavendra was a well known saint across the south of India, this 1985 regional movie Sri Raghavendra definitely made its mark  –   when Rajnikanth played the main role, people were stumped!  He had been an action hero till then and in his 100th movie, he played the saint which was a surprise to many of his fans  –  apparently, he did well and even today, when I think of Raghavendra, this movie and his good acting fills my memory. 

While it is a lot to talk about any saint across the world among various religions, the common factor tying all of them is their extreme devotion in making this society and world a better place to live for many generations to come!    They did it through religion, god, philosophy, music, literature, etc.   I salute all those saints across the world  –   reminds me of the song Endaro Mahanubhavulu from Indian Carnatic music written by saint Thiyagaraja  –  which means “salutations to all those great men of the world!!”

ps-I was humbled that tossing it out author Arlee Bird feels that my postings are counter to his posts and likes the regional flavor.  Thank you, Arlee.

Count your blessings!

The nuances and intricacies of Carnatic music are many, it may need multiple lives to master the art. This tamil month of “Margazhi”  (mid December to mid January) in Chennai  is a great time for the Carnatic music lovers –  people in and around Chennai , people from other states in India and even people from abroad flock Chennai during this time to enjoy the music season  – veterans in the field and the budding artists perform in various ‘sabhas’ (theatres) in the city.

While witnessing a live event is the best way to enjoy any performance, viewing the performance telecast in a television has its own advantage –  we can continue with our daily schedules and catch up these telecast in our own living room.  Jaya TV , a regional TV in Tamilnadu has made it possible for lakhs of viewers across the country to listen and view the performances of many great Carnatic music artists.  Every day during this month, they have a telecast of one hour of these concerts titled as a program called “Marghazhi Maha Utsavam”.  To make it more interesting, there is a short interview with the performing artists of the day – the questions are pretty much standard  –  your best moment, worst moment, etc.

Last week (having taken a vacation from work), I was watching the performance of Aruna Sairam. For beginners, Aruna Sairam is one of the greatest Carnatic musician – what makes her unique is that she started her career very late (After she married off her kids and completed her so called “parental duties”) and made it to the top in no time.  She was completely involved in her singing which catches up on the viewers also.   She looked so cheerful and happy!

Towards the end of the program, there was the short interview session – one of the questions was “What is that one important blessing you have got without asking?” and “What is that one blessing in your life which you are still awaiting to happen to you?”….She did not even wink a moment before she answered – she said “there was this sportsperson who won the highest order of the country and later in his life became bedridden at his young age.  One of the reporters asked him “do you feel bad that you have ended up in this situation after all your successes in life?”  The sportsperson said “No, I never questioned when I was the best sportsperson and how can i question now?.  I can never question now and no rights to complain”.   I also feel the same way.  I think whatever I have got so far in my life are all blessings – you as the carnatic music fans are the best gift andthere is nothing like which I can ask for more.”  –  She reinforced that we can only COUNT OUR BLESSINGS!!!

note  – this video is in the regional language ‘Tamil’

Though it is a well established fact to celebrate the blessings, it is always nice to hear it again – proved that her smartness reflects in things outside her art also!!  God bless!!  🙂 🙂

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