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Turner and Hooch

Category – Comedy Crime ; Rating  – 3 ; Comment –  Funny to watch  as a crime story!

As an afterthought, it probably is a children’s movie…Dogs, the character of Tom Hanks bordering on OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and the theme that Good prevails! ……..the only hope is that children ignore the excessive exposure of Tom Hanks! 😉 😉


Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru (T4)

Category  –  Romcom ;  Rating – 4 ;  Comment  –  Family entertainer!

There are handful only  –  I am talking about the women directors in Tamil Movie industry!

I happened to watch the movie  T4 in the television  –  it was by chance!  I had half hour on the Saturday morning for myself and after a long week at work decided to laze around and switched on the TV.  This movie telecast had just started and the initial titles/credits gave a hint that it is a going to be a comedy! Being a fan of comedy, I started to watch and ended watching it till the end  – inspite of the frequent commercial breaks inbetween !

When I  saw my teenager and the little one getting interested and  joining me in the laughs through the movie , I realized this is probably one of a kind of Tamil movies  –   realistic, funny, zero violence, in line with the times and indeed a real decent FAMILY movie…

That made me check on who the director was and I am pleasantly surprised that it is a woman, considering the typical challenges of being in showbiz –  my first thought was that she should be an intelligent film maker and i felt she should have all the qualities of a successful women  –  the key being “not conscious about her  gender”…….most of the time, i find the successful women are not concerned (or rather ‘not consider’) that they are women!

Nandhini JS

I was surprised once again when i read through her blog and she also mentions the same about being a  women(!!) director  🙂   Kudos, Nandhini!

What happens in Vegas

Category  –  Romcom ;  Rating -3 ;  Comment  –  Short and Sweet!

Ok, nothing unique about me liking a romantic comedy  –  it is light, funny, dreamy and happy ending!!   While the critics may rate this as a ordinary (or less than) movie, i liked it!  I always felt that  there are very few people in this world with whom we can be our natural self  and if we get to live our lives with those people around, then we are blessed –   and that seems to be the key message in this movie!

Cameron Diaz and Ashton K are making a good pair

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