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Live Your Dreams

It was almost like ending up in tears – the emotions were pretty strong and I was concerned that I may end up as an emotional bundle(which I hate to!)

Yes, it was the academy awards night being replayed again and again on the TV channels (missed the live telecast as was busy with the work!). I could relate to the smile, to the humbleness, to the emotions, to Hindi (mere paas maa hai), to Tamil (ella pughazum irraivanukke), to the simplicity, to the meticulousness (of looking into a small sheet of paper to ensure that everyone to be thanked in that list is indeed mentioned), to the explanation of pranava mandira(‘Om’ with an all encompassing nothingness), to the underlying patriotism (when the award was dedicated to India), to the jasmine flowers and traditional Indian jewelry (on the Africans and Americans), and to the bright colored costumes – pink, yellow and red………….continuing to assimilate the details – all so Indian and all so real !!!! ARR, Rasul pookutty, Anil Kapoor, etc, etc………….am I dreaming???

Looks like once again, I could experience first hand that “world is flat” (what else you feel when you see the jasmine flowers and Indian jewelry on the Afro American – the way you see it on a traditional south Indian girl) and witness one another incident to assert that the Indian has arrived on the international scene.

The feeling is that Indians are mostly looked at as very humble, not that enterprising types (who can project themselves and their work better), too non materialistic to be aggressive, etc, etc. They are good but not ‘good enough’ for being an Achiever in the modern international world of arts/business. They are on the map, but mostly on the ‘workers bee’ quadrant.

The real big time Indian achievers are all mostly looked as an exception than a norm – they already have exposure to the international scene, they are educated in international schools/colleges outside the Indian environment, the individuals were more materialistic and in their quest to achieve materialistic goals, they ended up being aggressive entrepreneur, and it is all mostly due to the individual than to the system or process – be it the software industry icons or the Olympic shooting star…

So, when u see a the ‘next-door-guy’ image of a ARR and a Rasul being recognized on the coveted academy stage with all their humbleness, it definitely turns on something within – the feeling to achieve, the feeling to live your dreams….

The dream is big and the clarity is coming in – You can continue to be humble and also be aggressive to live your dreams – these are two different sides of the same coin……and definetely can co-exist!!

Dream big, live you dreams!!

Jai Ho!!

“Free Hug” Day

It is virtually the last day of the academic year and apparently (!!) coincided with the free hug day – 13th February. The children (who are in their tweens and early teens) declared a ‘free hug’ day at school. Secret notes being passed, messages were sent and everyone informed…..

Of course, this is only within the student community – there is so much care that the teachers and principal should not come to know of it.

Children definitely had the understanding about the concept of free hug day – the hugs are meant to be random acts of kindness, purportedly selfless acts performed by a person for the sole reason of making other feel better –

But, the children unanimously understand that this is something which the teachers are not going to agree for, not at least within the school premises. No one dares to inform any teachers.

Is it by default that we assume that others are hypocrites – the teachers who preach us about being kind to others, but not understand the act of kindness?

Think about it and if we look for incidences in our life, we realize that most of the time we perceive (it is perception mostly) that some one else is a hypocrite………don’t u think that even the thought of considering someone a hypocrite, while not even giving a chance for them is hypocrisy?

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