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Ziva is slavic pagan goddess –  a mythical character who represents life and fertility.

i recently read about Ziva considering the Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni named his first child as Ziva.

ziva4 In general, there is an opinion that the Slavic mythology is probably obscured by Christian faith.

Ziva was often depicted naked, holding apples in one hand (like Eve from the Abrahamic myths), and grapes or strawberries or wheat in another. The apples she possessed, were said to shine a brilliant gold.

Živa was above all the goddess of water. In the consciousness of people she represented the concept of life, personified by water. She was their first “goddess”, even before mother Earth, who rules when the spread of agriculture follows.

Interestingly, there are lot of research to explore the connection between shiva, the Hindu God and ziva.

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