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Passport Seva Kendra – Proud to be an Indian!

Considering that all we hear about are the scandals rocking our Indian Government over 2G , this has been a very refreshing experience –  I am talking about the new PASSPORT SEVA KENDRA from our own Indian Government.  I witnessed a sea change  –  how things were in the past and how much the new system has turned around my perception on our Government offices.

I always wonder on how the ‘so-called’ IT manpower producer for the entire world lacks so badly in its IT infrastructure –  there is still so much opportunity to streamline many of our government processes and public utility services.  So, when I visited the Passport Seva Kendra in Bangalore, it really made me proud.

What I liked

  • Online facility to  upload our passport application
  • Online facility to get our appointment book (no more long waiting at the gates)
  • Almost 100% predictability of the start time when we reach the Passport Kendra
  • Very well-defined process and streamlined assembly line process,
  • smiling support staff  – good job!!  KEEP IT UP!!
  • Clear instructions
  • All got done in 1.30 hours!!!!

So, next time if you have any activity in the passport office in Bangalore, you can breathe easily.   Things are done in a smooth manner. I am sure the credit also goes to the service provider, Tata Consultancy Services also.

I really feel PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN!! JAI HO!!

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