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Joanne Rowling

J is for Joanne Rowling or JK Rowling in atozchallenge.

We all grew up listening to lot of fairy tales  –   magic world is always intriguing with the witches and wizards when we were kids.  And i  was convinced that I grew up over years and matured and  transitioned from the fairy tales to fiction and finally to non fiction and philosophy.   I was reading Paulo Cohelo and extracts of Bhagvat Geetha and bingo…. i was again pulled into the magic world of wizards by the great HARRY POTTER series of JK  !!

The intelligence which is built by her into the Harry Potter series is astounding!!!   The characters, the little details, the locations, the incidents, the good over evil  –   she wowed me!!  She just made sure an entire generation of kids returned back to their reading habits and probably the so-called grown ups (like me!)  went back to their world of fairy tales where the good triumphs over evil and got the hope back in life!!!

Goes without saying that her personal life is also an inspiration  –  where she faced multiple disappointments before she became the current famous version of herself –  JK Rowling!!

JK  –  my vote for her in bringing back the hope of good over evil in millions of children and the grown-ups!! And then it made me realize that she has subtly included lot of philosophy into her wrriting  –  some samples below.

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Read more about her and her works in these two links

Maid in Manhattan

Category – Romance ; Rating  – 3  ; Comment –  Rich boy, Poor girl –  Romance in the air!

Another romantic movie  –  Boy meets girl and they happily live ever after!!!   Just that in this story, the Boy is a candidate running  for the senate and the girl happens to be a maid who initially gets introduced to the candidate as a socialite woman!!!…..Mistaken identity creates heartbreak …and then, all ends well when the real love takes over!

Jennifer Lopez  is more towards the Indian women when it comes to her frame in this movie!!  She obviously is an attraction and one of the reasons for the viewers to watch this move.  And then, it is Ralph Fiennes!!  From the moment he gets introduced….I was amazed when i compared  the villainous Voldermart from the Harry Potter series to  the hero of this romantic movie!!!……

So, overall, as in any romantic movie, there is a message which is expected to touch our hearts  –  in this, it is “FORGIVE and let LOVE flow into your life”……A nice simple movie to watch and relax!

Being Happy!

I very strongly believe that the status of happiness is very important and go extra mile to ensure that I keep company with more positive people and surround myself with positive thoughts  in all my day-to-day activities  –  I even  border around being rude when it comes to avoiding interaction with people with negative thoughts, constant complaining, etc.  While I have been doing this based on my personal preferences, I was very much fascinated that the same concept  –  “happy thoughts helping to get away in difficult situation” –  was very nicely illustrated in the Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling . I am referring to the third book, where the wizard boy hero has to fight the Dementors, the ghost like creatures, who suck the soul (!!) out of living beings and leave them soulless!!  He has to learn a spell to chase them away and for the spell (Expecto Patronum)to be effective, he has to remember the most happiest moments in his life!!……A straight comparison to the negative people/negative thoughts (Dementors) and the happy moments/memories to get rid of them!!

This new year, when RK sent the wish and a request to take time to study happiness and shared this link, I was completely spell bound with this set of videos by  Shawn Anchor  –  Shawn Anchor is in Harvard and the author of “Happiness Advantage” and founder of Good Think Inc.

Take time to go through these three parts of video, you will be happy!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Ganesha Habba!

 Swine flu ( hype or real?!)   was kind of sucking the general happiness of Bangalore for the last couple of weeks –  like the dementors in Harry Potter’s magical world!    

Media is all over – reporting every hour on the swine flu, schools are closed down, kids are held back at home with parents, roads are deserted, lots of doctor’s visit for small illness – which we would have ignored on a normal scenario!  I was almost desperate –  ‘Gosh, Bangalore needs a break!’

And then came the most inspiring “Ganesh Habba”  –   real welcome change!   I could see sudden change of mood  –  the festivities, people talking about what to prepare and where to buy the ‘green’  Ganesha!…..There indeed is the much awaited positive energy….like the dementors are pushed away by the power of magic!…

Believers may say it is the presence of Ganesha and Atheists may say it is the positive energy due to the social gatherings!!  Be an atheist or a believer, there is no denying the fact these religious festivals bring in positive energy around!  Ofcourse, these festivities are indeed a great way of keeping the energy levels high!!  I am sure our ancestors are indeed much more intelligent than what we imagine   –  to establish such frameworks to ensure that life’s energy keeps flowing  –   As Paulo Coelho puts it so well in his “Alchemist”   –   “traditions can never go wrong”

Thank you, Ganesha!!

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