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Women Leaders and Self-confidence

While self-confidence is the basis for any self-improvement, a recent article in Harvard Business Review (HBR) was very specific about the need for women leaders to be self-confident.  Leslie Pratch is the author of this article – she is a clinical psychologist who helps companies identify whether potential executives possess the psychological resources and personality strengths needed to succeed.  If you read the 16 page research paper referred in this article, it can become a long read….so i consolidated the key messages which I found helpful …….

You can read the HBR article here…..

–       Before a woman answers a question in the corporate scene, it may help to stop and ask yourself a question “do you think a man would have ever answered that question that way?”

–       You got be very confident, even though we are so self-critical inside about what it is you may or may not know.  And this will lead to taking risks

–       Gender based expectations for behavior influence the styles and evaluations of leaders

–       Men are freer to carry out leadership in different styles without encountering negative reactions because their leadership is ordinarily perceived as legitimate

–       The findings indicated that women have to have high self-esteem and high self-confidence so that they can cope with the constraints placed on their leadership styles.

Fun@Work – Everlasting four liners!!

It was 12.40 am…. i get a feeling that all the teams at work are lost in galaxy!!…….probably this feeling is the after effect of two consecutive 13-14 hour grueling work days and my hurting throat infection…handling tiring telecons, (mis)communications, egos!!…….

and then suddenly i am gushing to list these four liners….. honestly, at the end of this listing exercise, I felt more positive about work….i could see the fun part of it……..all functions indeed knew what needs to improve(in other functions) for them to perform !!! Probably we are on the right track!!

whoever handles these functions, these four lines last ever…they keep  coming back in different flavors through different media …notice that all functions are 100% dependent on other functions to reach 100% !!   🙂  🙂


  1. Finance has to do better revenue recognition and better reporting
  2. Delivery teams have to keep all projects in GREEN
  3. Resourcing team must provide experienced high end resources with no lead time and forecast
  4. Management must invest more to improve customer relationship


  1. Sales team to have all clean agreements with customer with good rates
  2. Delivery teams must ensure that all timesheets are filled on time to enable timely revenue recognition
  3. Resourcing team need to allocate only cheaper resources so that Gross Margin for all deals will be good
  4. HR team to provide timely inputs for processing on time salary processing


  1. Sales to sell a better estimation
  2. Resourcing team to get capable resources and provide additional non billing resources
  3. Client management should shy away from over committing and handle customer expectation
  4. HR team to give promotions and salaries for all the team members every quarter


  1.  Sales team to provide accurate forecast and enough lead time
  2. Delivery team will accept near fit candidates
  3. All the resource requirement are only for plain vanilla skills (no niche skills which are not available in market)
  4. Management to approve larger bench so that resources are available to allocate in short lead time


  1. Delivery to manage projects well so that they do not stretch people
  2. Sales to get good rates for projects to provide a better salary
  3. Delivery teams to handle resources like HR teams and keep the individuals always motivated to avoid any HR issues
  4. Management to approve new projects and larger budgets to energize all – through various FUN at WORK programs
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