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Rupee Symbol

Our own rupee symbol

My first reaction was  –  “what is this?”. There must be an intellect behind this new symbol. How do i write this?  -looks like some kind of a mirror image of capital ‘E’ and on top of it there are some extensions? Is this going to be tough for kids to write this?….. in a second all theses thoughts runs in my mind…..

Ofcourse, when i started reading the news itemand understood the background  –  Devanagiri  ‘Ra’ and then a strike on top it, I felt more comfortable that the kids can write it!

“Ra” in Hindi is something kids are taught very early on in most of the India states, and then a strike on it!…..phew, pretty easy!…….


I am now thinking of the strike on “Ra” – like how we do it for 7.   I picked up the habit of striking out 7 from my school physics master (Ashokkumar sir)….I felt it was really stylish to do that….write the 7 and then strike it……..i really did not know the background on why it was done. Later,  i realized it is to ensure that 7 is differentiated from 1 .

my stylish 7

So, it definitely needs an intellect like Uday Kumar to get a simple symbol for rupee (hoping the entire world will learn to write “Ra”)………but, what is surprising is the google web images which results when we do a search on Indian rupee……….thousands of images very close the final one……..!!!!

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