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Glass is half full

I was literally not sure of how i felt  –  it was mixed feeling  –  10 years is a long time, considering that these 10 years had brought in much more changes in me than the rest of the years in my life!

The feeling of ‘LOST’ is still there…the imagination of  “how will it be now if she had been still around ?” is occupying my the same time, the feeling of visiting home town, especially the nostalgia is overwhelming…

i am sharing stories with the kids, making them see how it was when we were young….but, still in the back of my mind the confusion persists and nags – how i am going to take these two days at my home town after these 10 years?!!

Then came the right input at the right time ……….

use the simple technique to overcome the feelings of ‘Lost’. Just think of all things you are grateful for (half-full vs half-empty)”

This cleared my mind and by the time i reached, there were no doubts on my mind…I went around the town making the best of what i have…lived in the present and let go of the past ……… thanked that i have what i have….and ofcourse the feeling of being blessed continued!! 


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