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Being Happy!

I very strongly believe that the status of happiness is very important and go extra mile to ensure that I keep company with more positive people and surround myself with positive thoughts  in all my day-to-day activities  –  I even  border around being rude when it comes to avoiding interaction with people with negative thoughts, constant complaining, etc.  While I have been doing this based on my personal preferences, I was very much fascinated that the same concept  –  “happy thoughts helping to get away in difficult situation” –  was very nicely illustrated in the Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling . I am referring to the third book, where the wizard boy hero has to fight the Dementors, the ghost like creatures, who suck the soul (!!) out of living beings and leave them soulless!!  He has to learn a spell to chase them away and for the spell (Expecto Patronum)to be effective, he has to remember the most happiest moments in his life!!……A straight comparison to the negative people/negative thoughts (Dementors) and the happy moments/memories to get rid of them!!

This new year, when RK sent the wish and a request to take time to study happiness and shared this link, I was completely spell bound with this set of videos by  Shawn Anchor  –  Shawn Anchor is in Harvard and the author of “Happiness Advantage” and founder of Good Think Inc.

Take time to go through these three parts of video, you will be happy!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Sachin’s Blood

It indeed is bizarre..Agreed, it is for charity! It can be done in a much better way!

It actually makes me feel  and say “yukky!” I  really do not get it!!

Is it all crazy? or am i  being too closed in my opinion?

All i can remember is the scene in Harry Potter when  Voldemort returns ……. drop of Harry Potter’s blood to make the complete magic potion to get back to his life!   May be, i relate this to black magic!

Please guys, think something creative, much better !!!  Sachin deserves much more!!!

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