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Nuclear films (atozchallenge) – Vikram

So, Tossing it out really made me rack my memory for a regional movie under nuclear films  –  the atozchallenge is getting tougher!!

For whatever reason, only one movie came near this nuclear theme at all  (i did take help from one of my confidante to firm this movie up) Vikram(1986) is a regional movie where the plot is about the Indian intelligence officer going in search of a stolen nuclear capable Intercontinental Ballistic Missile  –  the movie was one of those sensational movies which introduced a different theme, new technology to the otherwise conservative south Indian movie world in 1980s.  The best part was that this movie’s story was coming every week in a tamil weekly magazine (kumudham) with nice movie stills. I still remember those days where I use to wait at the gate  for the paper vendor to come and deliver that week’s magazine and all the time acting as though I am seriously involved in my school text books  🙂

Nuclear disaster became more of a reality when the recent fiasco happened in the Japan nuclear power plants after the Tsunami.  While that was still induced by nature, in the last couple of days I was really disturbed by the trend of bomb blasts across the globe.  Just on this monday late night IST, I was shocked to see the tweet on Boston blasts at the Boston marathon –  and today (Wednesday IST) there is the follow-up news of blasts in Bangalore.

While it is awful feeling to think of the bomb blasts and the innocent public getting targeted for someone’s criminal attitude, there is also that anger in me  –  what are our intelligence agencies doing?  how much does it take to make stern decisions against these mindless terrorism?  Be it Boston or Bangalore, the world around us need not only pure compassion, but that courageous decisions and actions from everyone!  Let the light lead us in the right path of global peace!


Japan – Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear exposure!!

There are lots and lots of news on Japan!!   But for some five minutes on the first day, I hardly watched any TV on the happenings ain Japan.  One of the reasons was that my little one was visibly upset the first day about this news  –  he had doubts about if Tsunami can come to the first floor (we live in first floor!)…… I later learnt that even AM’s Lil D was extremely upset on this…! So, i consciously avoided watching Japan on TV!

Nevertheless, I read a bit of news on the net….and these two newsitems were indeed very absorbing…….

When i saw this 10 minute video at disastar prediction net  –, it was very spooky!!   So, someone could predict this earthquake so accurately –  if you see in youtubue, you can see that this video is uploaded on 9th March itself!!!  So, made me get that spooky feeling!!

And later, I was searching for the meaning of the word Stoicism in the net and i hit on this article  –

When i finished reading it, many things about Japanese made sense to me   –  I have always wondered why they are not smiling, why they are not so very democratic, why they are not taking things easy, but then…”That is not the way Japanese people are”!!!

My heart goes to them!!  I am confident they will come out of this crisis much more stronger!!  God bless!!

Memoirs of a Geisha

Category  –  Women/Culture/History  ;  Rating – 4 ;  Comment  –  To watch!

The first time I heard about Geisha was from Raj when we were discussing about women’s position in various societies and how the East and West differ in their perception about women power!!   While the general perception is that Western culture gives equal opportunities to women and is more gender inclusive, there is a tremendous awareness and improvement in Eastern cultures on gender inclusivity.   Nevertheless, given the past history and culture, East definitely have to catch up with West.   The reference to Geisha in the discussion was towards the novel  “Memoirs of a Geisha”,which is a novel written in autobiography style.

I added it into my list of  ‘ TO-READ’ books and Geisha was fading from my memory  –  when yesterday I was surfing over the TV channels is when I saw the same title and a movie starting.  I can not resist and as always just spent the time viewing the movie completely without any guilt of unplanned TV time .

Ofcourse, it is a worthy watch!!  The movies moves with the girl ‘Chiyo” and covers her life before and after world war 2.  The portrait of this girl as a Geisha is what probably is the secret of the success of this movie!! Very wise discussions between Chiyo and her big sister tells us  the complex role of a Geisha !!   The story was very realistic and intelligent and moving!!


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