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Dum Dum Dum OR Ball & Chain

Category –  Romance Comedy ;  Rating –  3  ;  Comment  – If you follow Tamil, watch Dum Dum Dum –  Else watch Ball and Chain!

Again, it is an easy peasy review  –  if I do one review, then I cover two movies  –  Dum Dum Dum (2001) is an Indian regional language (tamil) and Ball and Chain (2004) is an English movie of Indian families!!

Am not even sure if any one else has the patience to watch two similar stories together –  look at the story summary below which is for both the movies together……….

Girl and Boy are forced to marry because their parents think they are the best pair.  Boy and Girl do not want to get married because they have their own reasons  –  so, they both together try multiple tricks to stop the marriage –   in that process, they get to know each other and start liking to each other  –  in the meantime, the parents get into a tiff (for some silly reasons) and stop the marriage –   girl and boy realize they are in love –  now the girl and boy wants to marry each other, but their families are against it  –   finally all ends well and they get married and live happily ever after.

I  had watched Dum Dum Dum in 2001 and couple of days back I was flipping the TV and chanced on Ball and Chain in a movie channel.  I stopped by because I saw Lisa Ray  –  I have a fan in myself for Lisa –  not because she is a great actress , but because of the fact that she fought the deadly disease cancer bravely.  She did not stop with that, but decided to give back to society and is doing a lot now on cancer awareness –

But I was in for a surprise, half way through Ball and Chain that I know this story line and then after couple of jabs to my poor memory, came up the tamil movie Dum Dum Dum.

Actually, the tamil movie was more lively because of the leading pair and the nativity   –    decent movie to watch with family!   The english one was still decent, though there was some dullness running through the scenes  –  probably, the camera?…So, you can decide which one to watch     🙂   🙂

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