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Nuclear films (atozchallenge) – Vikram

So, Tossing it out really made me rack my memory for a regional movie under nuclear films  –  the atozchallenge is getting tougher!!

For whatever reason, only one movie came near this nuclear theme at all  (i did take help from one of my confidante to firm this movie up) Vikram(1986) is a regional movie where the plot is about the Indian intelligence officer going in search of a stolen nuclear capable Intercontinental Ballistic Missile  –  the movie was one of those sensational movies which introduced a different theme, new technology to the otherwise conservative south Indian movie world in 1980s.  The best part was that this movie’s story was coming every week in a tamil weekly magazine (kumudham) with nice movie stills. I still remember those days where I use to wait at the gate  for the paper vendor to come and deliver that week’s magazine and all the time acting as though I am seriously involved in my school text books  🙂

Nuclear disaster became more of a reality when the recent fiasco happened in the Japan nuclear power plants after the Tsunami.  While that was still induced by nature, in the last couple of days I was really disturbed by the trend of bomb blasts across the globe.  Just on this monday late night IST, I was shocked to see the tweet on Boston blasts at the Boston marathon –  and today (Wednesday IST) there is the follow-up news of blasts in Bangalore.

While it is awful feeling to think of the bomb blasts and the innocent public getting targeted for someone’s criminal attitude, there is also that anger in me  –  what are our intelligence agencies doing?  how much does it take to make stern decisions against these mindless terrorism?  Be it Boston or Bangalore, the world around us need not only pure compassion, but that courageous decisions and actions from everyone!  Let the light lead us in the right path of global peace!


Helicopter movies (#atozchallenge)

So, it is a new hash tag for this challenge at Tossing it Out and following for the letter “H” for the A to Z April Challenge.

When i think of helicopter in movies, what comes to me was the awe I went through when I saw the helicopter ride in a song in one of the Tamil movies  –  Guru (1980).  While the theme was more of robinhood styled hero and drama, that one song (very regional!) in that movie where a hero gets on to a glider and tries to stop the bad guy  in the helicopter was something which stuck to my head and popped up when i saw the helicopter movies title today.

Guru is a 1980 movie  which had the leading pair of tamil cinema  –  Kamalhassan and Sridevi and the right ingredients for the drama –  rich father, principled son, lost grandson, hero acting like a robinhood, beautiful heroine who mistakes the bad guy as the good guy (Films always had heroines who were naive and innocent and the smart hero was always there at the right time to save them from evil!! ), etc. 

In real life, the first time when i saw the helicopter, I was indeed thrilled  –  that big noise, the dry red sand dust which were thrown around and the security guards asking us to stay behind the white security line, it is still vivid in my memory  (including the secret discussion among the little girls about the wind when helicopter lands –  we all feared that it will be strong enough to fly our skirts and we all wore long skirts instead of our regular  short ones –  trousers were something which boys wore in those days!).

We  hardly had any airport near our campus –  they built a temporary helipad to accommodate the need for our then Indian Prime Minister  Indira Gandhi to fly intoimagesCAPG1L3E our district to campaign for the upcoming elections.  Infact, from the time they selected a place, the entire gang of children from the campus made it a routine to visit that site and check on how the helipad is coming up and when the D-day arrived, we were at that place hours earlier to witness the helicopter touching down.  Apparently, the moment the helicopter touched down and the doors opened for the primer minster, I was STUNNED.  I still remember that white saree with a red border which covered her head with a powerful smile and a very upright posture and a waving hand…….she indeed has the charisma and i remember that saying in those days “the only man in the parliament”.  Till date, I think Indira is a role model for many and she had the charisma which impressed even the small girls in the remote villages across India much more than a powerful flying machine like helicopter can!!  This is what I blogged years ago –  I still feel the same about her!!

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