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Gas Booking

Gas booking had been always an elusive chore for me in the past.  The Gas distributor use to open his shop by 10 am and promptly shut down by 5.30 pm  –   Many a days I was so consumed at my work (ok,  u saw through the excuse!!   🙂 ), I will miss the time window for gas booking.  So, I use to wait for a Saturday ………..

So, when the Indane Gas announced the streamlined LPG GAS Booking through IVRS around May last year, I was one of those who was relieved.   I went through the details on the newspapers (Now Book Indane Gas any hour of the day), promptly understood the process and noted down the relevant new numbers.   I started using the Indane gas IVRS and once I got my phone number registered, all I need to do was to press few numbers on the phone pad and I was done.  I was thrilled that the technology solved my gas booking  challenge!!  Happy ……….

Having solved my gas booking challenge,  I was living ‘happily ever after’……….Suddenly, one day my maid started complaining that she is not getting her LPG cylinder on time……..As I was busy in the kitchen and with my limited mixed up local language skills, all I understood was – she needs me to book her LPG.  I did not even react as I was not sure why she is asking me to do her booking   –  especially she witnesses my daily morning crazy circus in the kitchen trying to meet my target of school bus…….and how does she think I will have time to do a gas booking?

Then over the weekend (when my mornings are not-so-crazy), she mentioned that she took help from one of her friends for gas booking, but was not successful.   I was intrigued now as I thought the IVRS is the most simple way to get the gas booking and why it is tough for my maid and her friend.  My maid is definitely a smart lady  –   she is good in using her mobile phone  –  she has even suggested me on how to download ring tones!!  So, why is this IVRS tough for her?   I told her there is also “Kannada“version of IVRS.

For a minute, she looked at me as though I am crazy and said “amma, athunalli matthaduvadhu computer amma……………(Madam, if you call that number, it is computer which is talking to you.  If you say something also, it will keep telling, please press this number, please press that number……they have put some computer which can not understand what we are talking…..and it will never take our booking)!!”……….I was completely flabbergasted and then could not control laughing……….

Gas booking  –  IVRS  –  Vagaries of it!!!

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