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Vidya and Venus

Vidya and Venus are the two for V in #atozchallenge

Both are mythical women goddess from different cultures and religions –  Venus is that beautiful Roman goddess who embodies love and beauty and fertility. Vidya is that serene Hindu goddess who embodies the art of learning and knowledge.

Venus appears in multiple works of art in the different periods of art –  sculptures and paintaings.  So, is Vidya  –  there are so many ancient temples with her sculpture and the famous painter Ravi varma did beautiful paintings of Vidya.  While Venus is equalized to Aphrodite, Vidya in Indian culture is associated very closely with knowledge.

Both the women goddess still have lot of influence across humanity. Romance and Knowledge are still the most sought after in any community!

Knowledge movies (#atozchallenge 2013) – Eeram

It took me some time to understand what Tossing it out meant by this micro genre of movies  for letter K for a to z challenge.

Across regional movies, to my limited span of knowledge, i hardly remember any movie which has knowledge has the key element of the movie  –  while there are few movies which I can think of, the theme is either around family drama or around some supernatural forces.

Eeeram(2009) is one such movie.  The hero is a police, who is investigating the unnatural death of his ex-girlfriend.  During that process, he gets the knowledge about the unnatural death through the supernatural force (his ex-girlfriend’s spirit if you believe in life after death!)  –  which comes in the form of water –  while it was a fresh breath for the Tamil cinema, it had its regular mix of romance and family drama.  It is one of those brilliant plots from a new comer director Arivazhagan and Shankar (the famous director of Rajnikanth’s Robot movie) is the producer.

Knowledge and Practice

It had been a long-standing challenge –   practising the knowledge.  It is an established documented fact (come on, I documented in this blog here….) that the outcome of any event depends on the response to that event.  I am yet to put that knowledge to use 100%.

I had two such events in the last 24 hours….making me introspect on how long it is going to take to get ourselves practice what we know….

The first incident made me realize the need to strongly emphasize in my communications on how much I value my ideals. While I have my ideals, I also believe that it is an individual’s prerogative of having their own ideals (rights and wrongs) which will vary with every individual. Oxymoron belief!

In this context, it becomes very important to react to someone’s thoughts in the right way – communicating the intent is extremely critical –   needs excellent clarity of thoughts and the choice of right words.   “my ideals are different. while what you say/do are different from mine, I appreciate it is your prerogative to do/what you think as long as it is beyond my boundary”.

The second incident made me realize that in the fit of the moment, you lose your knowledge and just react to a situation in a wrong way – your anxiety kills your knowledge and just after that few minutes you kick yourself for reacting to a situation without applying your knowledge …… phew!

In both the incidents, a particular value or reaction of an individual is not in alignment with my thoughts/values. While I can still look at the big picture and appreciate how much value each individual carry, I am still a long way in ensuring my confident reaction to the specific incidents.

This challenge is really dodging me…..knowledge and practice!!

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