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When i think of alphabet K for #AtoZ challenge, i cant ignore the mythical character Krishna!!

Every person who is in any way linked to Indian subcontinent is always influenced and intrigued by Krishna in some way or other

  • As Lord Krishna who is an incarnation of the powerful Hindu God Vishnu
  • As the profound mythical character who established the sacred Bhagvath Gita which stands the test of time over centuries and provides philosophical guidance to everyone across geographies, culture, religion, caste.
  • As the soulful romantic leader of the yadhava clan who enchants everyone
  • As the naughty beautiful bubbly child which no mother can refuse to adore –  Balakrishna
  • As a friend in need to whom we can share our every thought and feel comforted –  he goes with his own flaws and never takes moral high grounds  unlike the other famous  Vinshu’s incarnation – Ayodha’s King, the righteous Rama

For me, it is the naughty child which captivated me by his stories about how much he likes to eat.  I always have imagined this mythical character as an adorable child who will win over anyone –  may be some of the influence I attribute to the fact that I hail from an orthodox Hindu family background.

You have very little choice than falling for Krishna if you have grown up listening to Oothukadu Venkatsubaiyar’s songs and experiencing  the great form of south indian dance “Bharathnatyam” in Pandanallur style

If you need more reasons to find out why krishna can be a strong influencer in one’s life, check out the following resources

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