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A Cinderella Story

Category – Romance for youngsters ; Rating  – 3  ; Comment –  It is THE Cindrella Story!

This probably is a kid’s movie –  but these are the movies I get to watch with my teenage kid!   And it did remind me of the spoof on Cindrella which i directed for the annual day at work  –  during my first year at work  –  It was nostalgic …..It also made me feel that I have to rediscover the creativite spirit in me…..!!

Ok, coming to the movie  –  if you have kids who watch and like Lizzie McGuire  heroine Hillary Duff, then this movie is a hit at home!!.  It is the same Cindrella story  –  step mom and two step sisters –  a prince and a fairy godmother with the famous 12’o clock deadline – a lost cellphone (instead of a shoe)  – the only addition is the last scene where  Cindrella shares on how great it feels after you break the limiting belief….”I really do not care what people think about me.  Because I beleive in myself.  I know things are going to be okay”

Another romance  –  which can be watched with the kids!

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