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Oprah Winfrey

O is for Oprah Winfrey in #atozchallenge

imagesHere is another women who created a brand for herself –  media proprietor, talk show host, actor, etc, etc.  She has come a long way from her childhood  –  she was born in a poor family of a single mother, underwent hardship including child abuse with hardly much support from any of her close family.

She could have ended up as another woman with lot of bitterness in life  –  instead, she conquered her weaknesses , struggled and survived to be what she is today.  She is one typical role model for little girls when it comes to courage in facing life and making the best of what is available.  More details on Oprah here –

Is this you?

On a dull Saturday afternoon, I compulsively was checking  twitter, though ended up checking my inbox (established symptoms  of  OCD, I suppose!) – and then I saw this note from Shiva “Is this referring to you? –” – It indeed took me just a second to realize what this was about….and it was a squeaky feeling to read about yourself as “one Mrs.Srividya Ram!”

Nevertheless, I was thrilled that someone actually read it and referred it!! Later i realized, that because of this reference, the blog had booming statistics for a day!  So, I am now wondering if i should thank the youthconnectmag or the simple humble real life hero for inspiring me to write this note ?

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