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Everyone was in a hurry!  The birthday party is at 7 pm and when it was decided to attend the birthday party, it was already 6.30 pm.  The elder kids (7&8) were all ready…….The little three-year old nephew was so excited that he was running around the house with his toy car and driving it all over!!.

Sister-in-law was busy….-  she was getting things ready for dinner for the elderly folks staying back at home, getting herself ready, packing small things (when you go with three kids on a road for half hour, you will be surprised to know what all they demand  –  especially when we are stuck in the traffic inside a car!)  Suddenly she realized that little one is not interested in finishing his milk.   Being as patient as any mom can get (I admire her for her patience when it comes to little kids!), she was cajoling the little one to finish his milk.   But the time was ticking…………after five minutes of unsuccessful cajoling, she moved to the next mode – little threatening………”See, if you do not finish your milk now,you have to stay back at home with aunty” .

The little one continued to drive his little car on the dining table and with no wink of an eye he answered ”  Why?  Aunty also did not finish her milk?”   🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ofcourse, sister-in-law was stunned !!!

Buy one, Get one free!

It is brightly printed on the carton of the Aluminum foil roll –  BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE.

The little one sees it and comments “oh, this is so nice…we  just have to buy one –  then we will get the second one free..and in the second carton  also it is printed the same, so we will get the third one free..and in the third carton also it is printed the same, so we will get four, and then five, six….wow!!”

I wish I captured that greedy glee in his eyes at that moment!!  J

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