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Subbulakshmi is for S of #atozchallenge

If you have visited Hindu temples, you have listened to MS Subbulakshmi’s songs without fail  –  the captivating voice is something which is unique even after so many years of her passing.  Again, if you think it is good enough to be wowed by her voice and beauty, you are in for a surprise.

Subbulakshmi persevered her life through various ups and downs and consistently kept her focus on music –  she dedicated her life for music and in turn music let her conquer it.

I have to share this short note about one of her habits.  MS Subbulakshi used to get lot of silk sarees (Indian traditional downloadwomen’s dress) as gifts whenever she is on music concerts.   She had a great method to maintain her simplicity.  She always had only 10 sarees  –  if she gets a new saree presented to her, she immediately will gift one of the existing sarees to one of her mailds.  This way, she ensured that she only had 10 sarees at any time !!

it was not only she was the queen of music, she seem to be a queen in her life with her passion and empathy towards others.

MS amma  –  Queen of music!!!!

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