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Nadia Comăneci

N is for Nadia Comaneci  for atozchallenge.

Watching gymnastics is wonderful nostalgia –  the first memories were the gymnasts who were part of the big Russian circus which was in town when I was a little girl. It was a mix of thrill and fear and happiness –  seeing them hanging graciously on those bars and swinging and flying over the nets like a areoplane.  And  their short skirts was the reason for secret giggly discussion among the little girls  🙂

In the days were TV was not something which is a common fare, we were dependent on newspapers for the world news.  images When the Olympics were played, the newspapers carried those details and I was surprised to learn that gymnastics is a famous sport with the little girls of Europe.  It immediately became very intriguing for me to observe the gymnasts –  and that is how i  started learning about Nadia  – the romanian little girl, who was the first girl to get a perfect 10 score.

Later I learnt more about her focus and dedication – how she handled her defection from her country and her dual citizenship (America and Romania), her modelling career, various accolades , etc.

Obviously, Nadia is a role model for all the young girls for the years to come.

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