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Letter D for the A to Z April Challenge.

Dasavatharam –  It took me a bit of an effort to remember a regional movie with Disaster as the background  –  finally it was this movie by Kamalhassan where he experimented with him playing ten different roles in the same movie  –   Tsunami was a word which became known to many of the south Indians when the big waves hit the peninsular India coast in 2004 –  by and large, the great indian peninsula is lucky enough to have moderate conditions most time of the year and hardly any feasibility for major disasters!  Probably one of the reason why we hardly have any regional movies with disaster as the theme!!


Japan – Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear exposure!!

There are lots and lots of news on Japan!!   But for some five minutes on the first day, I hardly watched any TV on the happenings ain Japan.  One of the reasons was that my little one was visibly upset the first day about this news  –  he had doubts about if Tsunami can come to the first floor (we live in first floor!)…… I later learnt that even AM’s Lil D was extremely upset on this…! So, i consciously avoided watching Japan on TV!

Nevertheless, I read a bit of news on the net….and these two newsitems were indeed very absorbing…….

When i saw this 10 minute video at disastar prediction net  –, it was very spooky!!   So, someone could predict this earthquake so accurately –  if you see in youtubue, you can see that this video is uploaded on 9th March itself!!!  So, made me get that spooky feeling!!

And later, I was searching for the meaning of the word Stoicism in the net and i hit on this article  –

When i finished reading it, many things about Japanese made sense to me   –  I have always wondered why they are not smiling, why they are not so very democratic, why they are not taking things easy, but then…”That is not the way Japanese people are”!!!

My heart goes to them!!  I am confident they will come out of this crisis much more stronger!!  God bless!!

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