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Rajnikanth – NDTV’s entertainer of the decade!!

Rajnikanth is awarded the NDTV‘s entertainer of the decade award!!

I already was  more than 100% convinced on his unique skills to keep his feet firm on the floor, irrespective of the soaring heights he reached in his life and career!! –  refer my earlier posts Simply (super)star! and Rajni&ARR – success factor.  So, when Prannoy Roy highlighted Rajni’s humbleness during the session, it was not a surprise at all for me!

 NDTV’s presentation ceremony  (watch here)

What surprised me was –  Rajni is the  unanimous choice between two generations, even with the famous ladies of Bolly wood  –  Vidya Balan and her mom, Katrina Kaif and her mom and the south indian beauty Trisha and her mom!!   Ofcourse, stardom is not about looks and age  –   Rajni proves it is the capacity to be what you are all the time!!  Kudos!!

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