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The Glass is Half Full (?)

Small things make big differences………. most of us have experienced, still continue to experience….the small acknowledging smile on your neighbors face when you cross on the walkway, the first flower on your kitchen garden, the little bird on your window sill on the early morning, the passing comment from a friend about your new dress looking nice, etc, etc……..

I find that this small happiness in life needs a conscious effort, (which is very miniscule when compared to the effect) And hence, I have been working on myself to make sure that I experience the paradigm shift of seeing the glass being half full – to observe and appreciate those small gifts that life keeps showering on us a daily basis…

I strongly feel that everything starts as a practice and on continuous practice, it becomes a habit and a habit comes natural and becomes part of our personality, defining the sort of person we are…

So, where to start on the paradigm shift? Step one of seeing the glass as half full? Think, think, think…..

May be, it is the basics of communication………let us start it here!!

Step one – try to convert all negative words into a positive word….check if it communicates what you wanted to communicate

“The report is not done” Vs “The report is yet to be done”
“We will not meet the schedule” Vs “We will complete the project with an additional one week”
“I am not hungry” Vs “I am full”
“You are going to fall and hurt yourself” Vs “Be careful so that you play on the swing for long time”

Over a period of time, i have seen the style of communication makes us think positive….

Try it and see if we can make it a habit….to see if we can set the paradigm shift to happen!! Good luck till we practice to make this a habit and as part of the personility!!

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