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It is the irresistible Queen of Sheba who is for Q of #atozchallenge.

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I first knew “Queen of Sheba” as a game which is played when you are in a group.  A game which requires some intelligence to do what the queen is asking the participants to do.  And then came the mythical character of Queen of Sheba  in Bible, in jewish scriptures and also in Islam.  One more instance of a strong powerful women who is known for her beauty, and more so for her intelligence.  The story is that Sheba traveled to meet King Solomon of Israel to check his knowledge through her riddles.  It is a very interesting story where Sheba is finally tricked by King Solomon and they have a son together –  who becomes an important mythical character in ensuring the Ark (container of the sacred ten commandments ) is brought into Ethiopia.  Lot of interesting stuff to read about mythology and Queen of Sheeba is one of those interesting characters.

This is for those history buffs for a weekend read on Sheeba  –

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