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Zoo movies – Annai or aalayam (#atozapril 2013 challenge)

The last alphabet Z is for Zoo in Tossing it out –  the last one on the A to Z April 2013 challenge!!   I want to taken a moment and think through on what happened in the month of April and how i chance hit on the atoz challenge  –   while i decided to write about Indian regional movies on the same topic selected by Arlee on his blog, I was unaware of how much of fun and challenge it is to get this done!!  Thanks to the team who initiated this challenge and specifically to Arlee!

While there are many movies around animals and some scenes on zoo, this movie called Annai or aalayam is evergreen in my memory.   This is a 1979 Tamil regional movie which was a family drama with typical mother sentiments around an orphaned elephant.  The little elephant and its naughty actions were a great attraction for me at that time –  i remember pestering my parents to go and watch this movie the second time in the movie hall –  which in those days is a real luxury.  The hero (who is a hunter) ensures that the little elephant is united with its mother at the end of the movie and the entire movie revolves around the little elephant.  One specific song sequence where the little elephant equally dances with the hero/heroine is something very interesting.


Life Story Movies – Sri Raghavendra (#atozchallenge 2013)

The word is L and Tossing it out uses Life Story movies for the atozapril challenge 2013.

India is one of the world’s oldest living civilizations  –   many great leaders, philosophers, saints, scientists, mathematicians (Aryabatta gave zero to the world) have been helping the world (beyond India) and making it a better place to live for all of us.  While there are many movies across India depicting the life stories of many, what came to mind as a first movie (I believe that probably is the best movie in my view) is the life story of a Hindu saint Sri Raghavendra who lived in late 1500 and early 1600.   While he is a hindu religious saint, he is also a philosopher (like most of the religious saints across the world) and supported the humanity at large with his supernatural powers –  people believed that he was the reason behind many miracles which helped them!

While Sri Raghavendra was a well known saint across the south of India, this 1985 regional movie Sri Raghavendra definitely made its mark  –   when Rajnikanth played the main role, people were stumped!  He had been an action hero till then and in his 100th movie, he played the saint which was a surprise to many of his fans  –  apparently, he did well and even today, when I think of Raghavendra, this movie and his good acting fills my memory. 

While it is a lot to talk about any saint across the world among various religions, the common factor tying all of them is their extreme devotion in making this society and world a better place to live for many generations to come!    They did it through religion, god, philosophy, music, literature, etc.   I salute all those saints across the world  –   reminds me of the song Endaro Mahanubhavulu from Indian Carnatic music written by saint Thiyagaraja  –  which means “salutations to all those great men of the world!!”

ps-I was humbled that tossing it out author Arlee Bird feels that my postings are counter to his posts and likes the regional flavor.  Thank you, Arlee.

Gangster Movies

So, it is Gangster movies in  Tossing it Out and following suit for the letter “G” for the A to Z April Challenge.

If you grew up in south of India in the 80s, you obviously are aware of the rise of the new culture of  having heroes who are just your next-door-guy looks  –  Rajnikanth was one such phenomenon and while he rose to the fame doing  negative roles, the most important messaging in all his movies were EVIL PERISHES and GOOD PERSISTS.  Rajnikanth was also intelligent enough to convey his own self-image among his fans as the most humble, hardworking soul  –  intelligent because it takes a lot of effort to project yourself as your are in the movie industry –  with all the paparazzi around you  trying to project you so that everything about you is sensational news for the many readers and movie goers out there!!   I believe he is one

Baasha (2009) movie was one of his best Gangster movies  –  where again EVIL PERISHES and GOOD PERSISTS.  It had the required mix  for a  box-office hit  – action, family drama, music and dance and those punch dialogues  –  “Naa oru tharava sonna Nooru thara sonna madhiri” (If I tell once, it is equal to telling it 100 times).  

ps- This post reminds me that I have never done a review of Rajnikanth movie though I had many posts on Rajnikanth himself –

Also, it is time I put in the reviews for the book about his punch dialogues  “Rajini’s Punchtantra: Business and Life Management the Rajinikanth Way”

Lot to go when it comes to Rajnikanth!!   🙂 🙂

Top 10 Kollywood movies to watch

I stumbled on these two links when I opened the Yahoo homepage  –

Top 10 Hollywood movies to watch before you die

Top 10 Bollywood movies to watch before you die

I searched for the Kollywood list and as I could not find one, I came up with this list………

  1. Thiruvilayadal   –  Who can forget the Dharumi/Nakeeran part?
  2. ThAmbikku endha ooru  –   the scene when the snake climbs on Rajnikanth
  3. Thillu mullu  –   amazing comedy
  4. Salangai oli –  Kamalhassan the proven dancer
  5. Sankarabaranam –  Amazing songs
  6. Vedam Pudidhu   –   Strong message from Bharathiraja
  7. Anjali  –  Mani ratnam’s depiction of a special child
  8. Mozhi –  Best and simple from the production house of Prakash Rai
  9. Dasavataharam  –  Kamal trying out his best
  10. Endhiran  –  Ofcourse, only Rajni CAN DO IT

I actually tried to be unbiassed……..but being a humor fan, I had to include #2 and #3!!!    How does your list look?

Simply Super(star)!

Ok, by this time it is established that Rajni’s Endiran is a big hit and he is THE talk of the town.  I read multiple reviews and news about Rajni in the past two weeks  –  but this article in Bangalore mirror by Lakshmi  lingers in me……..the listed reasons for being a superstar are real good and unique    –  a quick lesson for anyone who wants to be the leaders in their career and in life.

  1. Never over sell
  2. Talk less
  3. Never flash off
  4. Be polite and unassuming
  5. Be yourself

It made me realize that I have never seen Rajni in any commercials so far!!  Amazing!!

Rajni & ARR – Success Factors

I was watching “ENTHIRAN”  music release function on the TV………

Rajni continues to evoke the same sense of awe in me…may be it is something which has become a habit  from the childhood – starting from primary school, i remember waiting with granny in the queue outside the theatres –  much earlier than the showtime, so that we get the tickets first [Granny  always thought it is important to get the seats in the front rows to get a clearer view of the movie and the sound!!  🙂  ]

It is always a happy memory – watching any of Rajni’s movies ……..while it was his style and stunts which enticed us during our childhood days, it was the mass appeal when we were in college (our classmates could all invariably agree  if it is a Rajni movie over the fluid dynamics lab!)  –  but over the period of time, when i grew out of the stunts and mass appeal,  it is extremely intriguing to watch Rajni “BEING HIMSELF” , when he is offscreen….


When my kids watch him in the screen on and off movies, they are surprised that how transformed he is in movies  –  nevertheless, i can feel even the little one has taken an interest in watching him.


Cut over to present…..  – it is the big show in Malaysia –  ‘ Enthiran’ music release day – realyed in TV   – Rajni walks in – stylish –  a very simple trousers and formal shirts, no make up, but the style….he was on stage….he talks and laughts……. –  i was totally engrossed –  he was funny , quoting on how he felt working with Aishwarya (Amitabhji telling me ‘Rajni …Khabardar’)…he was hum ble, praising all the lead players in the film….and when he talked about AR Rahman –  he said the three factors which is unique about ARR  and why ARR is more of a yogi  (dressed in black formals!)

1. ARR is hardworking and sincere , 2.  ARR has chose the path of love (path of love Vs path of hate) and 3. ARR has surrendered to the super power (‘Ella pugazhum Irayvannuke’).

It was such an amazing consolidation by Rajni  –  but what was more striking was that all the three holdsgood much better for Rajni !!! Call him being humble!!

ps – I found Ani has also posted about this – No wonder why Rajni fans were upset  that he is too humble!

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