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Letter E for the A to Z April Challenge.

The most devastating earthquake which happened in the Indian subcontinent is the 2001 Gujarat earthquake.  It very ironically coincided with the 51st Republic Day of India – 26th January 2001   –  life changed in a minute for the friends and families of around 20,000 people who were killed !!

Many regional movies had the Gujarat earthquake as the theme and spun lot of family drama around this happening –  the recent “Kai Po Che” was one of those movies which used the earthquake in its theme.

While the south Indian films rarely had earthquake has the core plot, earthquake is frequently associated as an “act of God” in many mythological movies  –   the movies based on the great Indian epic Ramayana has the final scenes of mother earth opening up to take her daughter Sita back with her.  While earthquake itself is closely associated in many movies, there hardly is any movie which i know in Indian regional languages with earthquake as the core plot  –  if anyone knows one of them, do let me know!

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