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Knowledge movies (#atozchallenge 2013) – Eeram

It took me some time to understand what Tossing it out meant by this micro genre of movies  for letter K for a to z challenge.

Across regional movies, to my limited span of knowledge, i hardly remember any movie which has knowledge has the key element of the movie  –  while there are few movies which I can think of, the theme is either around family drama or around some supernatural forces.

Eeeram(2009) is one such movie.  The hero is a police, who is investigating the unnatural death of his ex-girlfriend.  During that process, he gets the knowledge about the unnatural death through the supernatural force (his ex-girlfriend’s spirit if you believe in life after death!)  –  which comes in the form of water –  while it was a fresh breath for the Tamil cinema, it had its regular mix of romance and family drama.  It is one of those brilliant plots from a new comer director Arivazhagan and Shankar (the famous director of Rajnikanth’s Robot movie) is the producer.

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