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Rappelling, Zip line and Trekking

I was in two minds till the previous evening  –  but then, considering i was yet to try Rappelling I decided to go for the one day adventure trip………..and I was the first one in the start point the next morning!!   🙂

The place of choice was Ramagiri(Ramadeverabetta) in Ramanagaram, around 5o km and the plan was a day long session of trekking, rappelling and zip line.  Ramanagaram is famous from the film industry perspective also  –   Hindi movie “Sholay”  and English movie “A passage to India”  was filmed in this location.   We were guided by Adventureworx, a professional company specializing on outdoor adventures.

The rocks are visible from the BangaloreMysore road on the right side (when you drive from Bangalore), beyond Ramanagaram town. We had a leisurely breakfast and chose the tough route (interesting route as per the guide!).  It was a tough climb, though we made it in couple of hours.  We reached the top and then came around to the Ram temple. The water from the small water body near the temple was so fresh and refreshingly cool. From the temple, we took the steps downs.  As always, the trek was refreshing, stretching the muscles and made my day.   It was very unique experience to have a dog from the village following us and making sure that the last person of the group has crossed the tough stretch of the climb.  The guide said that the dog always ensures that the climbers are escorted  –  it was some sort of a spiritual experience to look at the dog’s eyes and see that determination to accompany the trekkers.  With beautiful sights on the way (it was very unique to see the tree growing on the rock top), it was a well spent morning.

Post lunch, we tried zip line and rappelling.  It was first time experience.   While zip line was more of a fun, rappelling was a test of one’s mental strength, confidence and focus.   The trick was -breaking away from the mental fear and taking the first step in rappelling  –   believe that you are completely protected (ofcourse, the critical thing for any rock climbing is the high quality safety gears –  these were provided by adventureworx to us, I saw all of them were imported gears, mostly from Italy).

Rock climbing

Ramanagara Rock climbing

It was well spent day and it was worth the decision to go!!

Ramanagaram is recognized as an international rock climbing site and we spotted many foreigners trying their rock climbing skills here.  Grades here are between 5.8-5.11 American is what I learnt later (you can read about rock climbing grades here).

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