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Vidya and Venus

Vidya and Venus are the two for V in #atozchallenge

Both are mythical women goddess from different cultures and religions –  Venus is that beautiful Roman goddess who embodies love and beauty and fertility. Vidya is that serene Hindu goddess who embodies the art of learning and knowledge.

Venus appears in multiple works of art in the different periods of art –  sculptures and paintaings.  So, is Vidya  –  there are so many ancient temples with her sculpture and the famous painter Ravi varma did beautiful paintings of Vidya.  While Venus is equalized to Aphrodite, Vidya in Indian culture is associated very closely with knowledge.

Both the women goddess still have lot of influence across humanity. Romance and Knowledge are still the most sought after in any community!


Category –  Drama-Romance ;  Rating –  3.5  ;  Comment  – Taking care of those who need that care is an esoteric experience in itself!

A lazy Sunday evening and aimless channel surfing –    I ended up watching “Adam” for an hour and half…a heartening realistic romance drama. It was a realistic ending with big emphasis on pragmatism!

The theme is an underlying romance between the budding writer and an Aspergers ,   For those, who is new to the term Aspergers,can read it out here…The movie tries to define love –  love is to whom you  may feel connected and about what.

Nevertheless, the challenge is always in the difference it makes when you know you are being loved Vs being in love.  No doubt that being in love is a great feeling, but I read somewhere that the most powerful force in a woman’s life is the need to be appreciated, loved and cherished for what she is… –  that kind of laid the foundation on why Beth feels that way…

What caught my attention in the movie is the challenges the caretakers of Aspergers  go through –  while it gives a great satisfaction to manage someone who has aberrations at psychological level (there are so many undefined mental states outside Aspergers, some even undetected!)  it is so tough on an individual  –  there are millions and millions of those individuals around this world who go through those emotions and pursue towards the greater goal of taking care of their loved ones…and many-a-times without any recognition.  This movie is a dedication to those lovely souls of mankind who care for others…God bless!

ps-if you are an Indian movie watcher  –  “My name is Khan” in Hindi  and ” Swati Mutyam” in Telugu (Sippikul Muthu” in Tamil) have similar story lines!

In July (aka, ‘Im Juli’)

Category – Romantic Comedy  ; Rating – 3.5 ; Comment – Simple, refreshing and the travel background makes it interesting!

I watched this movie in German with English sub- titles.  Helped me recollect few German words  –   “Bitte, Danke, Guten Morgan,..Nacht…..” and was reminded that we have to pronounce Juli as Yu-lee.   Ofcourse, I can never afford to forget my Munich Oma and Opa (God bless them! ) –   Mr&Mrs Jacob  – to be pronounced as Mr & Mrs.Yacob”  –   J is existent in German, but pronounced as Y..!!

Ok, about the movie………the drab, unassuming hero (college teacher played by Moritz Bleibtreu) believes an imaginary story by the heroine, played by Christiane Paul.  This makes him take a wild odyssey from Hamburg to Istanbul  –  and he does a lot of things for the first time in his life – this helps him in discovering himself and in turn his true love during this journey.     The  interesting part is about the heroine’s habit   –   she takes a vacation with no predetermined destination – the way she explains it…… impressive…..  “I even went to Afghanistan” ………with a shine in her eye……makes you feel you should start doing it now!!  (I have to keep it in my bucket list!). And, the sites of Istanbul, Hamburg, the journey through Eastern Europe…..nice sites to watch!

I hear that this is one of the unique German movies which is light and romantic!!  Good job by the director, Fatih Akin!  WATCH!!!   🙂 🙂

Maid in Manhattan

Category – Romance ; Rating  – 3  ; Comment –  Rich boy, Poor girl –  Romance in the air!

Another romantic movie  –  Boy meets girl and they happily live ever after!!!   Just that in this story, the Boy is a candidate running  for the senate and the girl happens to be a maid who initially gets introduced to the candidate as a socialite woman!!!…..Mistaken identity creates heartbreak …and then, all ends well when the real love takes over!

Jennifer Lopez  is more towards the Indian women when it comes to her frame in this movie!!  She obviously is an attraction and one of the reasons for the viewers to watch this move.  And then, it is Ralph Fiennes!!  From the moment he gets introduced….I was amazed when i compared  the villainous Voldermart from the Harry Potter series to  the hero of this romantic movie!!!……

So, overall, as in any romantic movie, there is a message which is expected to touch our hearts  –  in this, it is “FORGIVE and let LOVE flow into your life”……A nice simple movie to watch and relax!

Before Sunrise

Category  –  Romantic drama ;  Rating – 4.5 ;  Comment  –  Excellent Script!

It was a week day and the heaviest day at work….Thursday evenings are packed with weekly calls!  Normally the calls start at 3 pm and then go on till 9.30 pm with few breaks in-between!  And the breaks are filled in with last minute discussions before a call or analyzing the inputs which came on the call.  Family understands that I am indeed occupied on Thursday evenings!  By and large, they have their own activities on Thursday evenings!

But this week, thought it is a working day in India, it is almost shutdown in USA!   Suddenly I saw my calendar was empty  –  all calls were cancelled  due to Thanksgiving holiday!  After 6 pm, i really did not have much to close and by 7 pm, I did not know what to do!!  Very strange feeling  –  while there were lot of things to handle at personal front, for whatever reason, I only felt that I did not have much to do  –  I hardly handle any personal stuff during weekdays and store them for weekends and probably that is why!……

So, there I was… back at home, in the living room and it is only 7 pm  – family is  not going to be in for dinner till 9 pm (that is our regular Thursday schedule).  so, default, i start surfing the TV channels  –   up once, down once……..nothing seem to be interesting and then i suddenly see this scene  –  a man and a woman walking through a cemetery  – something made me stop and watch it …probably the girls face (devoid of any heavy makeup) or the casual air around the guy  –  i still do not know why i stopped there and started watching  –

The first piece of dialogue i heard was “ I always liked the idea of all those unknown people lost in the world. When I was a little girl, I thought that if none of your family or friends knew you were dead, then it‘s like not really being dead. People can invent the best and the worst for you”  The way it was rendered…the perspective it threw about being dead  – something different. 

I got interested  and I find it is a movie called “Before Sunrise”  –   I continued to watch and was completely engrossed till the end!.  Yes, ofcourse! it is a romantic movie  at the outset (no, no, i never planned to watch it……though i like romantic comedies a lot, i did not know this one will turn up to be a romantic movie)  –   You can classify it as romantic drama, but the script and some quotes were unbelievably refreshing  – especially the discussion about men and women…the thought that feminism was invented by men to have more fun!!  haha!!!!…………99 men & 1 woman Vs 1 man  & 99 women…intelligent sparks of wisdom!……….

I am so impressed with the entire script and may end up writing the whole script in this post………..but then, allow me to quote the following  – which is so nicely put!   …………

“You know, I believe if there’s any kind of God, it wouldn’t be in any of us. Not you, or me…but just this little space in between. If there’s any kind of magic in this world, it must be in the attempt of understanding someone, sharing something. (Sigh.) I know, it‘s almost impossible to succeed, but…who cares, really? The answer must be in the attempt”

Ideally, i recommend watching the movie and also the reading the entire script  –  it is available here…………

And later, i found this movie is rated as one of the best movies in many reviews!!   Worth it!!

Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru (T4)

Category  –  Romcom ;  Rating – 4 ;  Comment  –  Family entertainer!

There are handful only  –  I am talking about the women directors in Tamil Movie industry!

I happened to watch the movie  T4 in the television  –  it was by chance!  I had half hour on the Saturday morning for myself and after a long week at work decided to laze around and switched on the TV.  This movie telecast had just started and the initial titles/credits gave a hint that it is a going to be a comedy! Being a fan of comedy, I started to watch and ended watching it till the end  – inspite of the frequent commercial breaks inbetween !

When I  saw my teenager and the little one getting interested and  joining me in the laughs through the movie , I realized this is probably one of a kind of Tamil movies  –   realistic, funny, zero violence, in line with the times and indeed a real decent FAMILY movie…

That made me check on who the director was and I am pleasantly surprised that it is a woman, considering the typical challenges of being in showbiz –  my first thought was that she should be an intelligent film maker and i felt she should have all the qualities of a successful women  –  the key being “not conscious about her  gender”…….most of the time, i find the successful women are not concerned (or rather ‘not consider’) that they are women!

Nandhini JS

I was surprised once again when i read through her blog and she also mentions the same about being a  women(!!) director  🙂   Kudos, Nandhini!

What happens in Vegas

Category  –  Romcom ;  Rating -3 ;  Comment  –  Short and Sweet!

Ok, nothing unique about me liking a romantic comedy  –  it is light, funny, dreamy and happy ending!!   While the critics may rate this as a ordinary (or less than) movie, i liked it!  I always felt that  there are very few people in this world with whom we can be our natural self  and if we get to live our lives with those people around, then we are blessed –   and that seems to be the key message in this movie!

Cameron Diaz and Ashton K are making a good pair

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