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Knight and Day

Category –  Action romance ;  Rating –  3  ;  Comment  –  Easy watch entertainer!

Ok, the movie had the right mix for an entertainer….just watch easy!

  1. Simple story  (unlike movies which may require a lot of focus)
  2. Great locations  –   Train on the alps, the tiny island, Spain and its famous bull fights…….ofcourse, Boston and NY!
  3. Action –  Cruise runs all over…..Diaz does all shooting anywhere and everywhere
  4. Romance  –   Light and easy (if you excuse one dialogue of Diaz after she gets drugged in Spain, this definitely is a watchable movie for kids with no embarrassment for parents to answer questions like ‘ what does this #%$ mean?)
  5. Good prevails over evil  –  easy moral to explain to kids  (off late, i keep a watch on before i declare who is the bad guy when we watch movies with my kids !!)
  6. Tom Cruise ( he looks his age in many frames)
  7. Cameron Diaz (she also looks her age in many frames)

But honestly, I felt  the highlight and crux is  the dialogue by Miller ……… “Someday. That’s a dangerous word. It’s really just a code for ‘never’“……….There are lot of things we keep postponing thinking that some day we will do it…….this dialogue in the movie just hit that on the head!

Easy watch!  Entertainer!

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