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It indeed was a  stressful straight three weeks  –  stressful because I had multiple priorities  and I was so indecisive on what is number one priority over the multiple priorities.

My thoughts were clouded with the everlasting urge to excel in all priorities, various situations around the priorities, consequences of prioritising one thing over the other,  what other people consider as my priorities, etc, etc.  I literally was tempted to give in to my confused state – it may be an easier choice to hide from the situation, from the people, crib about the situation and  pour my frustrations over that cup of ginger tea to the close confidante.

I did do that –  half hour non stop criticism over the people and the situation.   Though nothing changed the people or the situation, I felt good at the end of the crib session then…….but later in the evening, I started feeling even more stressed that I never solved the stress, and kept my focus on people’s behavior and current situation than on objective actions to face the situation.

And that is when I realized I got to do two things  –  decide what i want ; and then be objective to focus on what i want.  It probably was the clarity after going through this which helped me face the situation and come out of it….

I know it is a continuous journey for me and this cycle is worth remembering…and drew the chart for my own success tips –


  1. Clarity on what we want
  2. Objectivity to focus on what we want

When we have the clarity on what we want, we know what choices we need to make.  When we are making the choices with clarity, we understand what are the consequences of the choices.  Analyzing the consequences brings in more clarity to the choice made or relooking at what we want.  Once we get the clarity, then we need the objective focus  on what we want  –   focus which does not get distracted by the people and environment.  Success is always sweet in the journey of life………

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