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Nuclear films (atozchallenge) – Vikram

So, Tossing it out really made me rack my memory for a regional movie under nuclear films  –  the atozchallenge is getting tougher!!

For whatever reason, only one movie came near this nuclear theme at all  (i did take help from one of my confidante to firm this movie up) Vikram(1986) is a regional movie where the plot is about the Indian intelligence officer going in search of a stolen nuclear capable Intercontinental Ballistic Missile  –  the movie was one of those sensational movies which introduced a different theme, new technology to the otherwise conservative south Indian movie world in 1980s.  The best part was that this movie’s story was coming every week in a tamil weekly magazine (kumudham) with nice movie stills. I still remember those days where I use to wait at the gate  for the paper vendor to come and deliver that week’s magazine and all the time acting as though I am seriously involved in my school text books  🙂

Nuclear disaster became more of a reality when the recent fiasco happened in the Japan nuclear power plants after the Tsunami.  While that was still induced by nature, in the last couple of days I was really disturbed by the trend of bomb blasts across the globe.  Just on this monday late night IST, I was shocked to see the tweet on Boston blasts at the Boston marathon –  and today (Wednesday IST) there is the follow-up news of blasts in Bangalore.

While it is awful feeling to think of the bomb blasts and the innocent public getting targeted for someone’s criminal attitude, there is also that anger in me  –  what are our intelligence agencies doing?  how much does it take to make stern decisions against these mindless terrorism?  Be it Boston or Bangalore, the world around us need not only pure compassion, but that courageous decisions and actions from everyone!  Let the light lead us in the right path of global peace!


The Help

Category –  Drama-Comedy ;  Rating –  4  ;  Comment  – Women ensure changes come into society!

Another aimless TV browsing Sunday lazy evening…and then I see this scene where a young girl is talking to an African women –  who is dressed as a maid of olden times  –  something in that maid’s expression is so familiar  –  may be the anger or the big expressive eyes or her overall presence on the screen……..i just got stuck to that channel and checked what is this movie  –  it was “THE HELP”

I continued to watch the movie – the settings was 1960s civil rights movement of America and the theme was about the hardship the underprivileged went through and the support they got from the good souls of the privileged community –  major part of the narration was from the view of African-American maids.   I get intrigued by the fact that in all society, women really bring in the change at grass root levels. (call me a feminist!) While it is true that majority of civil rights leaders across the globe were men, I believe that women ensured that the change happened –  be it Rosa park or the African-American maids similar to the ones portrayed in THE HELP.

And the maid community across the world have a common thread connecting them – they are underprivileged, most of the time left to themselves to fend for their families (the husbands are hardly supporting the maids or their children), emotionally connected to their employer’s children when they are nannies, have that basic grit to sustain life, appreciate small joys in life, support each other….of course, there are this small percentage of greedy not-so-honest types too.   Maids are such an important part of parcel of any society and seeing this civil rights story through the eyes of them was indeed captivating.

Almost towards the end of the movie, my elder one peeped in to check what happened to me (true to self, forgot about the sundry works to be completed over the weekend including the dinner preparations..) .  When she saw me watching this movie, she remarked – “Oh this is a Oscar movie – the supporting actress is Olivia Spencer and she got the Oscar for this role”….. Wow!  Explains why I got stuck with her expressive eyes in the first instant.

A movie to watch and appreciate!

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New Age Americas!!

Many a times it happens  in the history –  a simple photograph unfolds a greater story about the changing world.  This is one such picture (thanks to my classmate who shared it with me)  –    amazing one!!

ObamaIt says more about Obama as a leader  –   one who appreciates the dignity of labour and respects his fellow human being.   The worker looks like a Mexican origin!!   It definitely takes some compassion towards fellow human being to recognize our support staff   –  starting from the maid in our homes till the office support staff.   I think this says much about the new age Americas….Well done, Mr.President!  You are leading by example!

ps –  Ok, for those skeptical minds who think this is part of Obama’s political image building exercise considering the impending US elections… what?  atleast he is projecting this as a good leadership gesture….. You should still remember the other white house picture when the US hunted Bin Laden…….

Obama and Clinton

ps 2  (only for Bollywood and Kollywood followers )  –  Remember the scene in Munna Bhai MBBS /  Vasool Raja MBBS where the hero hugs a cleaner and makes his day!!! ………our Indian movie makers probably are much ahead in times!!!   🙂  🙂

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Rappelling, Zip line and Trekking

I was in two minds till the previous evening  –  but then, considering i was yet to try Rappelling I decided to go for the one day adventure trip………..and I was the first one in the start point the next morning!!   🙂

The place of choice was Ramagiri(Ramadeverabetta) in Ramanagaram, around 5o km and the plan was a day long session of trekking, rappelling and zip line.  Ramanagaram is famous from the film industry perspective also  –   Hindi movie “Sholay”  and English movie “A passage to India”  was filmed in this location.   We were guided by Adventureworx, a professional company specializing on outdoor adventures.

The rocks are visible from the BangaloreMysore road on the right side (when you drive from Bangalore), beyond Ramanagaram town. We had a leisurely breakfast and chose the tough route (interesting route as per the guide!).  It was a tough climb, though we made it in couple of hours.  We reached the top and then came around to the Ram temple. The water from the small water body near the temple was so fresh and refreshingly cool. From the temple, we took the steps downs.  As always, the trek was refreshing, stretching the muscles and made my day.   It was very unique experience to have a dog from the village following us and making sure that the last person of the group has crossed the tough stretch of the climb.  The guide said that the dog always ensures that the climbers are escorted  –  it was some sort of a spiritual experience to look at the dog’s eyes and see that determination to accompany the trekkers.  With beautiful sights on the way (it was very unique to see the tree growing on the rock top), it was a well spent morning.

Post lunch, we tried zip line and rappelling.  It was first time experience.   While zip line was more of a fun, rappelling was a test of one’s mental strength, confidence and focus.   The trick was -breaking away from the mental fear and taking the first step in rappelling  –   believe that you are completely protected (ofcourse, the critical thing for any rock climbing is the high quality safety gears –  these were provided by adventureworx to us, I saw all of them were imported gears, mostly from Italy).

Rock climbing

Ramanagara Rock climbing

It was well spent day and it was worth the decision to go!!

Ramanagaram is recognized as an international rock climbing site and we spotted many foreigners trying their rock climbing skills here.  Grades here are between 5.8-5.11 American is what I learnt later (you can read about rock climbing grades here).

‘God,have that skirt get longer’

Ofcourse, it was a catchy title for a short article in Times of India  –   When i finished reading this article, I could not hide my smile ….World’s most powerful president ,  Mr. Obama of United States is like any other father of a growing daughter!

While we had multiple discussions between  colleagues (over our energetic lunch sessions) on this topic of our growing girls and their dress sense, we actually never found a solution  –  Most of us used the cold weather as a reason to justify why our girls should wear a longer skirt or a jacket over that figure hugging tops!!!…But nothing creative beyond this!!   😦    😦

And that is the reason I smiled when i read that article.  Personally, I felt it is too silly a request to the ALMIGHTY…but, if  Mr.Obama is reaching out to GOD, probably we should all join!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Ok, letz get serious!!  In a related note, one of my friends who handles some special language classes to teens, notes that children get very upset with parents when they dictate on their dresses.  In a class discussion about conflicts with parents, the Indian children asked a logical question  “If a Chinese immigrant parent can allow their kids to wear what the kids like to wear, why is that my parents are not ok?”.  

Now, this is a tough question  –  I was wondering probably my friend gave a long lecture about Indian culture and etc…..I was curious to know and checked on the answer, but was pleasantly surprised on the answer.

” Your dress impacts the way you present yourself and plays a very important role on your self-image.  Dress should suit the occasion and should consider the group of people present, culture, climate and situation.  While no one will question  Mr.Obama if he chooses to make great speeches with his jeans and tee, he takes the effort to come in formals  – this is to create the respect for the audience, to communicate in a subtle way that he is serious about his speech and he respects the forum.  So, you – as intelligent children should choose the right dress for right occasion  – if you practice this, you will see the difference and understand why your parents insist on some things”.  –  Great answer, is it not?

If you have 22 minutes and 41 seconds, you can watch Obama’s National prayer  here

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