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No complaints!!

It is a Saturday morning monsoon fury  – the rain gods are all out!.  I am standing near the block steps and  wondering whether i should go back to  get the umbrella before i walk out.  It is a short task –  to get the fresh green spinach from the vegetable vendor, who brings them on the push cart.  He parks right outside the compound gate.

Though I like to get wet in the rain, I decide to go back and get the umbrella  (ofcourse, the thought of  drying the clothes on a monsoon day influences my decision).  There are no other buyers and the vegetable vendor has covered his head with a polythene cover…he smiles  “What shall I give you?”.  The spinach is all wet and muddy.  I make my conversation with him  “Rains in the morning are always tough!  it will be tough for you today to stand in the rains. Few  customers may not  come out.  It will be better if it rains in the afternoons”.

He smiles and in a matter of fact tone says ” Let it rain. Only if it rains, we will continue to get such green vegetables.  So, let it rain. Getting wet is good. We can not control nature and command when to rain.  Nature knows what is best for us.  Let it rain.”.

It hits me that he has mastered what i am struggling to do.

With all my education, intelligence and acquired knowledge,  I took years to realize that COMPLAINING is not an option. After realizing, i am still working to practice it!!….

And here is the vegetable seller, probably younger to me by age, not even stepped into a college……….who very easily practices it!!

What life teaches you is never taught in any books!!

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