Women and Glass Ceiling

For those women, who are aspiring to break the glass ceiling at work………..While I am not sure about the source, this piece of note is very much in line with what I think women should have if  they are looking at breaking the glass ceiling

“The basic qualities any company looks for are leadership skills, maturity and the ability to manage people. Managers have to carry people with them, and make them execute the vision.”

Companies are not looking for different traits in woman. In fact, women have a higher EQ (Emotional Quotient), which in today’s companies, is rated higher than IQ. Hence, women have an edge over men in problem solving.

Tips for women:

Behave like a professional, not like a man or a woman. Don’t approach people with a chip on your shoulder that screams, “I am a woman.”

Aggression is immaturity. If you want to stand out in a male crowd, getting overly aggressive can make you come across as someone over eager or impatient to be heard. This can give an impression of immaturity. Corporate look for mature leaders, so to be heard, be firm. Talk sense. But don’t push too hard.

Stop bothering about men. Use your core strengths to further your career. Don’t get into competition with men. Competition is good with colleagues, but not on a gender basis. It makes you lose focus. Even a man who lacks maturity, will never reach the top, and remember that.

Remember that you are being taken seriously. Women tend to be pushy because they feel they need to be taken seriously. Remember that the moment you are good, your work and suggestions make sense, you will be taken seriously. Men are usually more patient with women. Don’t take advantage of that.


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  1. Hmmm.. Interesting points..but don’t you think that would like faking yourself..I never known any woman at work..who could do even 2 of the above points..Do you know any one?

    • Honestly, there are multitude of women across the world who do much more than these………!! To name a few from our own country – Indira G (politics), Kiran Bedi (Public Sector), Kiran Majumdhar Shaw (Business), Indira Nooyi (Business), MS amma (Music), ……………..

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