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Hillary Clinton

H on #AtoZ challenge is Hillary, and obviously i never knew this is going to be a topical post when I decided it was Hillary for H.

While there are many famous women who happen to be the wives of very famous individuals, Hillary was someone I noticed closely for one single reason.The reason was her strong clarity when the famous Bill clinton – Lewinsky episode happen.

feed-image-1East of West, it is always a challenge to handle personal matters in the eye of media and that too, if it is a spicy extra marital affair of high profile. Hillary handled that phase of her life well.  In the whole episode, all i was wondering was how will Hillary will really feel about it and how much she can acknowledge about it.  And, definitely, she wowed me with her confidence through this episode.

And now, here is she – “Hillary for America” and it will be of great interest to watch her emerge as the first American women president  –  while we at the east had multiple women political leaders, it is time the world’s super power gets ready for women power !  And her first video on her presidential campaign is likeable!!

H  for Hillary and Hillary for America


G can only be for Google  in #AtoZ challenge.  Considering how much knowledge i have gained from it and how much easier it is now to gain knowledge about anything in the world with just a simple question, Google tops the list of my life influences starting their names with letter G.

Considering Google as a company was established in September 4 1998,  Google is still a teenager!!!  The amount of disruption in brought into the lives of millions of people is amazing.  From starting as a simple web crawler company, to the diversified company it is today, the journey is amazing.  For the sake of this post, when i checked the Google range of products, i was totally flabbergasted.  I hardly have been using only few of them and i think my life influences is Google.  Will i be able to comprehend the breadth of Google in my lifetime?

In my order of preference, Google search, Google mail, Google maps and Picasa stands the top….obviously my horizon is yet to expand to include and experience all of Google!!!   Google  –  SALUTE you!!!

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale is one of the women who made a strong impression within me during my school days –  she is for alphabet F in #atozchallenge.

Without doubt, the quixotic nature of contributing to the well being of the wounded war soldiers will draw the attention of any little girl across cultures.  This explains on why after so many decades, her name pops up in my mind when I think of a person with name starting with alphabet “F”.  You can read about her life in Wikipedia here –  Florence Nightingale

As a generation, we had the advantage of schools preaching the importance of empathy and helping people-in-need  –  In downloadmy school, there was a dedicated one hour class time for MORAL STUDIES.  At that time,we thought of it as a class where the teacher tells stories of quixotic nature.  And incidentally these stories exposed me to a world outside the quiet convent classroom.  Looking back, it dawns on me that these one hour MORAL STUDIES class was indeed accentuating the core values which was taught and practiced at my humble home.  It also establishes the fact that value system based of humanity transcends the boundaries of geography, culture, religion, caste.  Empathy and support-to-the-needy was established at my Hindu orthodox family home in a small town at the south of India with the same vigor as how it was established at a large western Christian household at Europe for Florence Nightingale.  Probably that was the piece which influenced me as a child when I heard her story at the MORAL STUIDES class.  Now years away, I fondly remember her as  “Lady with the Lamp”.

Elizabeth, Queen of England

When you are born in a country which was a British colony for many years, you obviously are intrigued by the British monarchy being run by a Queen and not a King which is typical.   The strong impression the Queen of England made me in my childhood is one of the reason she is for alphabet E in #AtoZchallenge.images

For you to read more about her early life, we can check on the official website of The British Monarchy

While the kid inside me  is upset that the largest Indian diamond Kohinoor is still with the Queen of England ,  the admiration and awe for a British monarch is no way diminished.  The current queen (Elizabeth) is not just a figure head, but one of the most fiery band individual in her life  –  that made her sustain this political war and establish monarchy as a permanent feature in England.  If you lived in 20th century, she is one indomitable person you have to acknowledge!!

Hail the Queen!!  :)



When you think of someone who belonged to the general masses and rose to become the princess of Wales  –  we know we are talking about DIANA   – She is for alphabet D in #AtoZ challenge.

When you think of Diana’s story, there is always that romantic feel to this story   –  the feeling you get when you watch a nice fairy tale which ends beautifully with the honest princess getting to marry her right prince!

Just that Diana’s story did have a twisted ending later –  nevertheless, there is no second thoughts about Diana being a princess and living the dream of millions  –  she was lauded for many things including her simplicity, her beauty, her dressing sense and her ‘down-to-earth’ approach even after being the princess of Wales.  I always wondered how challenging it would had been for her to make this transformation from a normal girl to the princess and then become the most wanted person by the paparazzi!  She lived a dream!  God bless her soul!

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Chanda Kochhar, Chitra KS & Chitra Visveswaran

All  three women with names starting with C – for the #AtoZchallenge –   they are excelling in their own career sphere.  They all hail from a very humble background and have reached the pinnacle of their career.  They continue to be humble about what they have achieved and still strive hard to give 100% to what they do.   What else you need to be a role model !!!   It is easily possible to write a book on each of them for their achievements in life….though, i want to post these videos

Chanda Kochhar

Chanda is voted one of India’s top 15 business icons

Chitra KS

Chitra Visveswaran



While Bangalore obviously is the name of a city, the reason I list it in #AtoZ Challenge is obvious  –  It is  my home for more than two decades now and is one city which always makes you feel  BELONGED…whatever be your nationality, religion, caste, creed, gender, age……honestly, i would say, this is one city which exhibits the most INCLUSIVE character cossetting everyone who decides to make it their home even for a day!!

There are zillion reasons on why BANGALORE IS AWESOME  –   For me, Bangalore played a big role in what I am today and these are the top ones of my list

  • Inclusivity
  • IT industry
  • Culture
  • Weather
  • Masala Dosa
  • Walking trails
  • Style quotient /Cool image

And if you have few minutes, here are some flavored videos …. call it the cool Bangalore!!

Ayan Rand & Avvai Patti

Life continues to throw its challenges  –  every time you think you are in deep doldrums, there is something which makes us stabilize and bounce back.   For me,  most of the time it is the people around me  who gets me back up to my crest.   I thought I can use this #AtoZ challenge to list them for a month.  The first ones in the alphabet A are

220px-Ayn_Rand1Ayan Rand  is a Russian American novelist who lived between 1905 to 1982.  More than the novel, her philosophies are what impacted me the most.  If there is one book which any career oriented individual MUST read, then it is FOUNTAINHEAD by Ayan Rand.  Her philosophies are extremely spiritual in nature  –  one of my favorites quote from her is “Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values”

Avvai Patti is a famous Indian Tamil poetess who lived in the Sangam period (13th Century).  While i still have my avvaiown doubts about whether she is a mythical or real character, anyone who studies Tamil is bowled over by her simple profound quotes.  I will always remember Avvai Patti and Aathichoodi for life

Uyir Ezhuthu ஆத்திசூடி English translation
அறம் செய விரும்பு Intend to do right things
ஆறுவது சினம் Anger is momentary; do not take decisions during times of anger (in haste)
இயல்வது கரவேல் Help others based on your capacity
ஈவது விலக்கேல் Never stop aiding
உடையது விளம்பேல் Never boast
ஊக்கமது கைவிடேல் Never give up enthusiasm
எண் எழுத்து இகழேல் Never degrade learning
ஏற்பது இகழ்ச்சி Begging is shameful
ஐயமிட்டு உண் Share what you eat
ஒப்புர வொழுகு Be virtuous
ஓதுவது ஒழியேல் Never stop learning or reading
ஒள ஒளவியம் பேசேல் Never gossip
அஃகஞ் சுருக்கேல் Never compromise in food grains


Idiosyncrasies of being a woman

Another women’s day just passed by!  Lot of attention in media –  everyone did their bit!  The private sector, the public sector and the individuals – all played their part in promoting the awareness about celebrating womanhood! Nice messages were pouring into my whatsapp, twitter, fb and mails.  Everyone seemed to be enthusiastic about  sharing their wishes with me –  colleagues, friends, family…. and I reciprocated.  In addition, I did my bit by joining a walkathon organized at work for the sake of girl child. It was a win-win for me  –  I could do a long walk and also make sure that I did my bit on women’s day.

And then, this interesting conversation happened during the walkathon. There was this senior person from a  well established industry association which aggressively promotes “Diversity and Inclusivity” and in that context women.  This gentleman was sharing his views on women leadership and the need to support women during their child bearing years. Typical of someone who is passionate about what they do, this gentleman was describing and analyzing the various initiatives to support women in IT sector.

During the course of this passionate conversation, he highlighted that employers should appreciate the needs of the women during pregnancy period also. He gave an example  –  if a women has morning sickness, she should be given the option for flexible timing. I was mentally absorbing this fact of including pregnancy period also to provide flexibility to women and wondering what it means to run a project and accommodate these requests – in reality, IT sector struggles a lot to provide meaningful  flexi timing even post pregnancy as the work demands overlap timing with US time zones.

And suddenly he adds the spice ” you know, I was told that it is the senior women who are not very supportive to implement these small changes to take care of the women’s needs.  They say, “we have gone through the pregnancy period and managed work without any concessions.  Why can’t the current generation do this?’  That is where people say that men are different and take care of women better”. My thoughts were stilled and i was taken aback for a minute  –  alas, once again, i was reassured that women never get it easy!

My experience tells me to subscribe to the concept of “when going gets tough, the tough gets going” .  With this new perspective shared by this gentleman, my subscription can easily be construed as a senior women not appreciating the tough situation which a junior women is going through??!!!   Am aghast  –   should i patronize the younger generation to be a considerate senior or continue to goad them to cross over tough situations by being tough??  So, patronizing women is what they call as taking care of women??!!!   where will they get this right?!

These…. Idiosyncrasies of being a woman!!

Musical Impressions of the season – Jan 2015

I doubt whether it is anything unique  –   most of us keep experiencing this  –  a song getting suddenly stuck into ourselves and never leaving us for some time.   While i frequently flip around Carnatic music and contemporary regional Tamil movie songs, it is quite some time that i experienced this….  Suddenly, i have three songs stuck in me…

It all started with “Bho Shambo”  –   Dayanad Saraswathi’s impressive creation rendered by Sudha  –  the moment i heard it, i knew i need to hear it again and again and again!…..this is to the extent that i woke up to this song and listened to it through the day and slept over this song …this song was nostalgic –  reminded me of those spiritual moments one experience growing up in the mystic temple town of Shiva – Chidambaram!  And to some extent, the obsession on Shiva and the mystic experiences of the south indian ancient temples stays in me… (is that why i liked Shiva Trilogy of Amish?)

When I thought, i am all done with my song of the month, at an unexpected time of the day, another song jumps into me (i think i asked for it!!!)-  a regional contemporary song from the tamil movie Paiyya-  it still rings inside me even when i write this post – this is again a very unique experience considering i have heard this song in the past and did not give it much of a thought than the nice visuals. Unlike the song of 80s, the current songs are more dominated by the background music than the lyrics and i sure did not listen into the lyrics before. But then, when a song is destined to be getting into you, it somehow gets you at whatever state you are in –  it is like another life incident which you are destined to go through!  ” Better late than never!!”  –  the scripts are from na.muthukumar  –  the way this song got stuck now with a focus on the script is extremely surprising and surreal…

And when i really was all done for this season, jumps the other powerful script of Vairamuthu –  from the Tamil movie Ravanan –  so very pragmatic and honest !

While i really have to wait on whether I will get over these songs sooner, I am not complaining at all!!  I am also 50% through in learning the songs and scripts!!



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